Deciphering Cheesecakes- Mumbai way!

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    Jan 30, 2014
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Deciphering Cheesecakes- Mumbai way! Photo by Dales Eden

Cheesecakes are quickly becoming the ‘generation of cakes.’ With most cake shops baking them in various flavors and restaurants stocking their dessert counters, they are quite the trend if you were to look at the cake market. We let you in on some tips on what cheesecakes are and how to choose your cheesecakes.

cheesecake is not a complex creation. All a cheesecake takes is very few ingredients and just as little time. The catch lies in ensuring they are baked fresh and the textures are perfect, keeping the flavors intact!

What is a perfect Cheesecake?

Although a perfect cheesecake is a very personal opinion, being of the best cake shops in Mumbai, we try to decode this our way!

A perfect cheesecake is a perfect combination of salt and sugar, with a velvety smooth texture but light, resting on freshly baked, crisp biscotti. A perfect cheesecake is served warm, fluffy and extremely light, something that delivers a beautiful sweet-salty taste and thick enough crumb to enhance the flavors and balance the cheesiness.

Well, the description above is not a revelation of sorts nor has it taken rocket science to decipher this but this is just as much you can judge from the looks of a Cheesecakes, there’s much to it than stated above.
The regular cheesecake flavours, at least available in Mumbai and known to us are blueberry, lemon, mango-passion fruit, and raspberry ones. Other special flavours include espresso, caramel, lemongrass and some with a dash of alcohol.

It is not a cheesecake if it has less cheese and you’ve been told it’s a diet one to watch your waist, the perfect cheesecakes are masterpieces made with lots of cream cheese or ricotta, slightly lemony and baked to perfection while appearing to be made of silk.

While many cake shops in Mumbai bake or stock cheesecakes to continue being in the race, there’s barely anyone who hits the mark in taking you on the ride of your life with its heavenly taste.

While as simple as any cheesecake recipe may sound, it is never that simple to get it right. From the balance, crumb, freshness, hints of flavours, it is no mean feat. So, if you’re craving a cheesecake, why not go on a quest, we recommend you try some smaller bakers in the city and if you’re still not satisfied, trust us to never fail you!

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