Baking a Cake Versus Buying a Cake

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    Nov 29, 2013
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Baking a Cake Versus Buying a Cake Photo by Dales Eden

So, you have invited your friends for a party and they are obviously expecting you to bake – a cake and other munchies. If there is a small group and the products are limited, you may just pull it off and we are not talking quality- unless you are a 3 hatted chef. Either you choose to spend more time in kitchen whipping out some delicious or even average bites or entertain your guests and have good time while your order is delivered right at your doorstep.

Often, one believes that cooking something at home over ordering from out will reduce costs but what we fail to include is the man hours and effort and trails and errors of such an advent. So what’s the easy way to buy a cake?

There is no easy way unless you stay in an area full of great restaurants and bakeries. In today’s day and age, purchasing a cake online is matter of seconds; imagine how easy it would be to purchase some cake that would take at least 2 hours to bake. Purchasing a cake online means spending a minimum of 3 minutes with a great shopping site to a maximum of 10 minutes with someone having extremely poor user experience.  Nonetheless, they are nothing compared to the 2 hours you’d spend baking not to mention the turnout is always positive.  Also, many cake shops offer a lot more than just cakes; you are sorted for the party in minutes. While you enjoy quality time with your guests, leaving the cake shop to worry about the quality and timely dispatch, your only headache is serving. Everything can be ordered in minutes if your neighboring cake shop has a website and enables customers to purchase online. It is easy and a matter of minutes with the only drawback being you can’t taste it unless you already know how it tastes.

For instance, there are a variety of cake shops in Mumbai having an online store and most of these bakeries are reputed ones so quality is assured. However, the city being as big as it, these bakeries do not offer deliveries all over the city or charge exorbitant fees which might be a turn off. Many bakeries are concentrated in certain areas and it is easy for instance to purchase cake online in  Lokhandwala or to purchase cake online in Andheri (W) or even the town side thus, making it difficult for others to enjoy the services.

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