Smile with Confidence Through Cosmetic Dentistry

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    Aug 15, 2014
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Smile with Confidence Through Cosmetic Dentistry Photo by Eliza Barry

First impressions are created through the smile of a person. A smile shows an affable or friendly personality. Thus, a smile is the window for the future of any relationship.

A perfect set of teeth gives us the confidence to smile. Sadly, not everyone has a perfect set of teeth for that perfect smile. Because of this natural shortcoming, the confidence to dish out that perfect smile is lost. What is created is a wrong first impression.

There are several proven procedures a cosmetic dentist can perform to improve your teeth and regain your confidence.

1.   Rehabilitation of teeth condition such as chipped, misshapen or replace those that were already lost, can be performed. Tooth rehabilitation is not only for aesthetic value but for also improving the functions of the teeth.

2.   In adjusting tooth discoloration, bleaching is the most commonly used procedure. It can correct any tooth discoloration due to stains from coffee, tea or cigarette smoking.

3.   A restorative dental procedure to repair decayed tooth or filling in gaps between teeth is called bonding. It uses a tooth-like hued material. This requires only a single visit to your dentist, but the result can last for several years.

4.   Having a chipped tooth, an irregularly shaped teeth or teeth that overlap can lower confidence. A procedure called tooth reshaping or contouring can correct these conditions. The process usually begins by taking X-rayed images for evaluating the size and location of each tooth, thus making sure that there are enough bones to support the teeth.

Other older methods and procedures that a cosmetic dentist can perform to correct teeth conditions are crowning and veneering.

However, it is only your dentist who can determine which is the appropriate dental procedure for any of your oral condition.

Check it out with your dentist and regain your confidence through the sparkle in your smile!

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