Five Diet Changes That Will Improve Your Teeth

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    Oct 30, 2012
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Our teeth are an outward reflection of our health, and as a general rule the better your teeth look, the healthier you are. Part of the reason for this is that keeping our teeth clean is an ideal way to give our immune systems a break and keep them safe from the bacteria that builds up in our mouth. At the same time though, this is because our teeth often reflect our diet, and our diet directly impacts our overall health. By changing your diet then it is possible to affect not just your teeth but also your general health and wellbeing and this is one of the easiest ways to enjoy a more attractive looking smile. Here we will look at some easy changes you can make to your diet that will accomplish just that.

Quit Caffeine

Drinking tea and coffee might be great for waking you up in the morning, but when it comes to your teeth these beverages are not your friends and will put you on the fast track to stained teeth and a less than attractive smile. At the same time the heat provides a fertile breeding ground for bacteria and will make you much more likely to get blackened looking gnashers that require a visit to the dentist.

Drink More Water

Did you know that bad breath (halitosis) is caused by bacteria? And did you know that the reason you have worse breath in the morning is that your teeth haven't been cleaned as much during the night by saliva? Dehydration is one of the surest ways to see your teeth and your oral health in general go down hill, but by drinking lots of water you can keep flushing your mouth out and keep it nicely healthy.

Eat a Crunchy Cereal in the Morning

One of the simplest things that can help your teeth and help you avoid needing the dentist is getting lots of fibre which can help to almost 'brush' your teeth as it doesn't break down as easily. Eating a crunchy cereal such as All Bran in the morning is a great way to accomplish this, and at the same time doing so will help you get more calcium to your teeth making them physically stronger.

Eat Fewer Sweets

You know this one, but just to reiterate – eating sweets provides the bacteria in your mouth with sugar which it loves and will encourage your mouth to breed more and more bacteria and produce more and more plaque. Avoiding sweets will greatly reduce the amount of bacteria you get in your mouth.

Drink Less Soda Drink

Soda drinks are also notoriously rich in sugar and in fact a single glass of CocaCola is roughly the equivalent in sugar to eating two Cadburys Cream Eggs – which makes them pretty bad for you! At the same time the acid in these drinks can damage the enamel on the outside of your teeth aking them more vulnerable to future damage. If you're drinking more water, then you'll need less soda anyway.

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