Major Advantages of International Calling Cards

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    Feb 15, 2014
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Major Advantages of International Calling Cards Photo by Global Star Pinless

Thanks to globalization, millions of people travel to different countries for business or leisure purposes. Also, there are many people having relatives in other countries. The biggest problem faced by such people is to keep in touch with their friends, family members and business partners.  Gone are the days when buying international calling cards was a costly affair. These days, making international calls has become quite easy, comfortable and affordable due to technological advancements. The phone cards service providers have flooded the market with numerous international calling cards to keep your phone bills under control. This article outlines some major benefits of international calling cards.


International calling cards are the most cost effective way to make international calls. You can purchase them online as well as from a retail store. Also, you can use them for both landline and mobile phone.

Cheap Calling Rates

With international calling cards, you can enjoy cheap calling rates in addition to free minutes. Before buying any international calling cards, make sure you do proper research about the company and compare its calling rates with others service providers.

Lucrative Features

International calling cards come with several lucrative features such as pinless calling, lower call rates, auto recharge facility and online account management. You can choose the one that best suits your requirements and budget.

Easy Communication

By using international calling cards, you can keep a regular and healthy communication between people across countries. You can easily stay connected with your loved ones anytime and every time you want.

How to Buy International Calling Cards?

You can buy international calling cards from retail stores. However, if can’t visit a retail store, you can also buy them online to get following advantages.

-  Compare calling rates of different service providers  
-  Buy a suitable calling card from the comfort of your home
-  Check and compare their features online
-  Read the customer reviews of service providers

The use of international phone calling cards has become quite trendy these days. You can Google to find different service providers in your region. Be careful to avoid the companies that are fraud and check twice the authenticity of the website. Seek advice from your friends, neighbors and colleagues who are using international calling cards. Using international calling cards is the best way to save your money and still keep in touch while being abroad. There are many companies that provide international calling cards for affordable calling but I would recommend Global Star International Calling Cards for Speed Dialing and Added Convenience. Manage your account online and recharge it via credit card on the phone or via the web or via agent. You can register your home, your cell or your work number. For further information or free sign up, log on to Global Star Pinless.

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