Things to Consider When Buying Pinless Calling Cards

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    Feb 05, 2014
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Things to Consider When Buying Pinless Calling Cards Photo by Global Star Pinless

While choosing pinless calling cards, many people look for one with lowest calling rate without considering its entire package. Such cards can sometimes be the most expensive ones to purchase. Following are 3 important tips that will help you in choosing best pinless calling cards.

Know Your Requirements

It is very necessary to consider your requirements before choosing pinless calling cards. So make sure you consider things like your location, calling destination, call duration, frequency of calls, connection quality, purpose of calling and duration of usage.

Understand Your Options

After knowing your calling requirements, you need to understand your options. Read carefully all the details of the pinless calling cards before purchasing it. There are many companies which add hidden charges in the fine print. Reading all the fine prints carefully can save you a lot of money in the long run. Also, you must check out the features available with pinless calling cards.

A common feature of all pinless cards is they don’t require you to enter your pin number every time you make a call. But there are many other features that you need to consider, for example, the speed dial feature, the call back option and international access numbers. If you are looking for a pinless calling card while roaming in other country, make sure the card you have chosen has access numbers in that country.

If you want to buy pinless calling cards to make business related calls, detailed call records and automatic account recharge are two main features that you must look out for. The automatic recharge feature of pinless calling cards assures businessmen that their calling minutes will never run out. The moment they get down to a certain level, their pinless calling cards will be automatically recharged to the amount they have set in their plan, leaving them with more time for their business concerns.

Make Your Best Pick

To find best pinless calling cards, search the internet, visit local stores and take advice from other users. Keep in mind; just because a specific pinless calling card have a big carrier brand doesn’t make it the best option. The big brands also need someone to pay for all their advertising campaigns, so don’t let it be you, shop cards from lesser known companies too!

Another important thing that you must consider before choosing a pinless calling card is the carrier of the phone system. Make sure that the carrier you are choosing enjoys good reputation in the market when it comes to the quality and reliability of the phone calls. A carrier renowned domestically should have good reputation in other countries as well.

The bottom Line

Try a specific pinless calling card, if it is good and satisfactory, keep using it. If not, then look for another one. Never load up your pinless calling card with too many minutes until you have used it. The card provider may give you a better rate if you buy more minutes, but test your card first.

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