Don't Forget Allergen Testing During a Foreclosure Home Deal

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    Dec 26, 2013
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Foreclosure deals are enticing but there are a few issues to look out for on the part of the buyer. Allergen prevalence in homes is quite prevalent most notably the spread of mold. Many foreclosure homes have poor air quality as a result of damp drywalls and ceilings. Hiring foreclosure home inspection services may reveal bacterial and mold proliferation.

Certain levels of air quality are deemed to be too low for living. It is especially unhealthy to sleep in a room that has mold overgrowth. Children are greatly affected and the indoor pollution is known to trigger asthma. What this means for the buyer of a foreclosure property is that air quality testing should count as a standard procedure before signing the final papers.

Foreclosure home inspection services are conducted by experienced and certified contractors who apply municipal standards. They provide a report on the air quality status, what it takes to clean or repair or whether the damage is irreparable. Foreclosure home inspection services is a small price to pay considering the implications of extensive repair.

Many foreclosure homes fall into disrepair soon after a notice is put out. When banks move to possess the homes there is less chance of proper maintenance and the property is prone to environmental and water damage. Wood and drywalls are breeding grounds for bacteria and fungi during damp seasons and in wet climates. However, the same damage can occur in homes with dry climates as long as there is water ingress and conditions that promote mold.

The status of a house is considered critical if there is found to be toxigenic mold. All rooms should be checked and the report should state if the mold spread is generalized or localized to a room. Therefore positive results for mold or bacteria testing in a lab may not be conclusive if only one sample was taken.

Foreclosure home inspection services should not be offered by the same contractors that will fix the damage. Therein lays a conflict of interest. A professional mold inspector can be available as an expert witness in litigations regarding foreclosure. The inspection may or may not be stand alone as it may involve other aspects such as sewer inspection and electricity checks.

Even when purchasing a foreclosure home from a relative, allergen testing will help to calculate how much more is needed to restore it. It also lets the buyer know how long it will be before the home can be safely inhabited again. Indoor air quality can be up to five times worse than outdoor air quality.The valuation on a foreclosure home is greatly affected by the report of allergen inspection. Whole walls, staircases and ceilings may have to be replaced.

The exterior of the homes are also inspected and this is significant in flood prone areas. Parts of house such as stucco are prone to mold. Sometimes mold is so bad that it threatens the structural stability of the house. That then becomes a red flag to not proceed with the acquisition or only to consider the value of the land.

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