Things to Consider When Choosing Long Distance Calling Cards

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    Mar 31, 2014
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Things to Consider When Choosing Long Distance Calling Cards Photo by Global Star Pinless

In the past, long distance calling cards were very costly and generally of low quality at very best. International calls were only possible only through landline phones and the voice quality was quite poor or hardly audible. Thanks to the advancement in the telecom industry, most of the issues of long distance calling cards have been eliminated. With the invention of long distance calling cards, making international calls has become quite affordable for those who wish to call their relatives and business partners living abroad. By and large, there are two types of long international phone cards: prepaid phone cards and postpaid phone cards for which you will get billed as per the amount of time you spend on your phone. Both cards come with the feature of pinless dialing and are cost effective when it comes to international calling cards. Prepaid calling cards are ideal for those who make frequent international calls and postpaid pin-less phone cards are perfect for those who rarely make international calls.

While choosing prepaid calling cards, beware of scams. A few companies selling prepaid long distance phone cards has very small operations and are in danger of going out of business at any time. So, never choose a long distance calling card from the company which is not reputable. Thus, you can ensure that your access number will remain operational. When it comes to prepaid long distance phone cards, try to find the smallest billing increments you can. The word ‘billing increment’ actually means the smallest unit of time for which you will be billed. For example, the card provider could charge you per minute, per 5 minutes or even per second.  Being charged per second is much beneficial in comparison to per 5 minutes. Suppose you make a quick call to a friend for 20 seconds duration. If you are charged on the per second basis, you will need to pay only for 20 seconds; however, if you are charged in increments of 5 minutes, then you will have to for 5 minutes for that simple 20 seconds call.

Also, you must be aware of the fees like connection fees, disconnection fees, fess for calling during day time, early evening and more. These types of fees may be hidden in the fine print of the contract you sign and a single fee can you a few additional dollars and international call could become a costly affair instead of saving you money. These days, international phone cards are very easy to use. You just need to scratch off the toll free access number and pin number on your long distance calling card.  If there are so access numbers printed on your cards, then each numbers refers to the location closest to the place from which you are calling from.  Just call the access number, enter your ID number and pin number and then dial the phone number of the person you want to talk. If you are using prepaid long distance calling card, an automated voice will inform you the minutes you have left and then your call will be connected.

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