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    Oct 31, 2012
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The Functionality of Style Sheets

Style sheets have been proven to be a solution to the shortcoming of pure HTML web coding. The use of HTML is sometimes cumbersome when certain attributes of overall presentation or theme, which are meant to explicitly define background styles, borders, font sizes and colors, and element alignments.

Today, authors use style sheets to define these attributes in a simpler manner, though the design incorporates both HTML and CSS. In other words, style sheets are employed to complement HTML such that the overall design involves HTML in the document structure and CSS in presentation.

The Challenges with CSS

Browsers use style sheets because of the special features which permit the manipulation of presentation without compromising independence on the various platforms on the web. It seems not obvious to most people that style sheets could be cumbersome as there is a wide range of merits and demerits.

The basic demerit of the development style sheets has to do with the need to create series of HTML tags on presentation. This seems to be endless. Also, the implementations of style sheets have been noted to come with many bugs and other inconsistencies. Thus, advanced authors often employ some hacking tactics so as to have consistency of results on all platforms or web browsers.

Many bugs have been observed while viewing a document on various platforms. For instance, box model bug is characteristic of Internet Explorer. It is such that the width of a box is displayed in different ways in different versions of the browser. The box looks like a block in other browsers, but it appears quite narrow in Internet Explorer. This problem can be solved, but it will lead to a degree of compromise in the functionality of the style sheets. Because these bugs adversely affect CSS implementations, it has become cumbersome for many inexperienced designers to obtain a uniform and consistent presentation on all web platforms.

Generally, these bugs have been observed on different versions of Mozilla, Internet Explorer, Netscape and Opera. They distort the readability of web pages. It is worthy of note that Internet Explorer has proven to be the most terrible platform for style sheets.

The New Solutions on Style Sheets

By virtue of these challenges, there has been tight competition in the market as regards the layout engines being offered by Opera's Presto, Mozilla's Gecko and KHTML. These are found in the Safari of Apple and the browser platform of Linux Konqueror. They are the leading products on style sheet implementations.

Whatever the case may be, CSS gives great control and flexibility over document presentation in web pages, but then it requires ingenuity from expert designers who have discovered how they can craft an attractive appearance for web documents.

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