Trade Secrets of the Importance of Customer Service

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    Nov 22, 2012
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Anyone who has ever owned or managed a business of any kind, large or small, whether brick and mortar or eCommerce, knows the inherent importance of customer service that never fails. No business can survive for long with sub-standard customer service. Getting regular customers is often a difficult battle and then keeping them is even more harrowing. There's always a competitor around the virtual corner that is ready to offer your customers something that will lure them away. So, the trick is not to leave yourself open to losing customers through poor customer service.

If you have a brick and mortar storefront, such as a retail shop, restaurant or fast food, or even a financial services business, proper education of employees in the area of the Importance of customer service is a must. Training should include dressing and grooming for work so that they show respect for their job and their customers, staying off of the telephone whenever possible if a customer is present, being polite and always remembering that the customer is always right. Sure, sometimes they definitely are not, but good customer service means treating them like they are even when they're not.

Employees should also be taught that good customer service also means giving the customer their complete attention when there is an issue to be addressed. They should look them in the eye, smile and assure them that they are doing their very best to address their concerns; and that their particular problem, if there is one, is completely valid and a top priority.  Employees should also be trained to never trivialize a customer's complaints or suggestions, nor should they ever talk down to any customer. This is true whether their complaint is about their food, the fit of a piece of clothing and especially when their issue is a financial one. This is an important rule to remember particularly for employees of payday loan stores and check cashing businesses. Just because your customer needs to borrow money or cash a check at your establishment doesn't mean that they should be treated any differently than a wealthy customer would. Teach them to always remember that, if it weren't for your customers, there would be no need for employees and therefore no paychecks.

If you own or manage a business on the Internet, the same rules apply as for actual stores, but access to customer service becomes top priority with eCommerce. A website without links to your customer service personnel cannot prosper. So, be sure to remember the importance of a customer service link on the landing page of your website and well-trained employees in your back office to back it up.

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