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    Apr 10, 2013
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vintage fire engine
vintage fire engine
Photo by Muffet

If you’ve ever wondered how fire teams work so quickly at the scene of real traffic accidents to rescue drivers in distress? It’s all down to constant practice, without regular practice, it would be difficult for the Fire and Rescue teams to picture different accident scenarios. Practices are key to their progression and it can only be achieved through physical enactment of the different situations.

In the case of Merseyside Fire and Rescue, the aftermath training is done courtesy of the staff at Robcliffe.

They donate end of life vehicles (ELV) from Huyton for these crucial skill building exercises so that the local Fire and Rescue Service can practice these life-saving skills. The team at Robcliffe volunteered to make their facilities available, by helping the Fire and Rescue team arrange a variety of accident scenarios that firefighters may encounter in real-life. Rehearsing includes various cutting methods, extraction and lifesaving techniques that are crucial in building up a Fire Team’s knowledge.

The donated vehicles are recycled in the usual way after the training sessions have been completed. But being a part of something so vital in the community is quite remarkable for the team at Robcliffe.

Robcliffe’s Site Manager Stephen said: “Merseyside Fire and Rescue Service play an invaluable part in rescuing endangered drivers, often saving lives. As we have the perfect place for them to train here at our recycling centre, we are only too happy to be able to assist them in training for this vital role.”

In terms of unwanted vehicles, Robcliffe clearly has the skills and expertise to scrap your vehicle and give you the best price. They ensure that your vehicle is completely deregistered so that you do not need to worry about the documentation side of things. They are able to use their state of the art facilities to crush unwanted scrap cars on site and give you a receipt and a cash payment for your vehicle and a certificate of destruction.

With complete peace of mind service and a solid reputation from working with the local Fire and Rescue Service, it would be difficult to find another reliable garage like Robcliffe. They also manage MOT services which is the cheapest in Merseyside. If you have failed an MOT, Robcliffe can carry out a full inspection to bring your vehicle back on the road. They make immediate repairs and servicing so you can trust them due to their reputation.

In addition to MOT and servicing, they can also work on the bodywork of your vehicle. They can offer free written estimates for insurance purposes so that you know that you are getting the best package for your money.

Or If you need an off the shelf, reasonably priced used spare part for your vehicle, Robcliffe can provide this at the Garage in Huyton or on Ebay. They break over 1,000 vehicles a year and whether it’s a fuel pump, a body panel or a full interior, they can help you source the right parts for your vehicle.

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