Why Should You Study Event Management?

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    Sep 01, 2014
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Why Should You Study Event Management? Photo by Natalie Carrigan

Event management is a discipline which is concerned with the planning, budgeting, organizing and execution of cultural, business or social events, including festivals, ceremonies, parties, concerts, conferences, product launches, press conferences and seminars. And the event manager is responsible for planning and managing all creative, technical and logistical elements of events that may include budgeting, client service, audio-visual presentation, event design and marketing strategy.

Events are an integral part of the business world as well as our personal life. We organize events, take part in their execution or are invited to them. We are involved in cultural, social or business events either directly or indirectly. Event management is a multifaceted discipline that includes creativity, planning, advertising and relationship management. Every event needs to be carefully choreographed, in order to roll it out seamlessly and make it successful.

Career in Event Management

Event management is a rapidly growing sector. And today, most business and social events are outsourced. This means, event managers and their teams play a major role in planning and executing them within the clients’ budgets.

Event managers are needed everywhere in almost all kinds of businesses, including entertainment, retail, fashion, training and development, sports and culture and heritage. The jobs are plenty in this sector. The employment prospects are expected to increase further in the years to come. Current is the right time to build careers in this hospitality sector.

Although the employment prospects are extremely good in this field but the job market is more competitive than ever. Professionals with specialized education and training stand better chances of getting decent jobs than those with general education. Study in event management college can lead you to the right career path.

Getting into Event Management Industry

You must possess certain skills and traits, in order to seek an entry to this industry. Essential skills like team building, networking, industry relations, budgeting, creativity and innovation, media planning, communication, marketing, leadership, and relationship management along with specialized education would help you go long way.

Centennial College’s postgraduate certification program in event management – festival and conference prepares you for careers in this exciting and rapidly growing industry. You learn to develop and implement financial initiatives based on event objectives, apply marketing principles to festivals, events and conferences, and plan, design and coordinate effective site and facility operations and apply accounting, financial knowledge and skills and business administration skills to the operations to events.

This one-year course is accredited by UNWTO TedQual and prepares you for employment in hotels, convention centres, tourism and non-profit organizations, corporations, arts and cultural organizations, and event marketing management companies, sports and entertainment agencies and convention centres.

The program covers a wide selection of subjects, including event marketing – festival and conference, team coordination, sponsorship development, event budgeting, networking and industry relations, risk and security management, site logistics and operations management, greening festivals, events and conferences and communication and media planning.

The event management program is open for college or university graduates with diploma or degree in hospitality, tourism or related discipline. Your applications are also considered if you have a diploma or degree in an unrelated discipline. But for this, you must possess related work experience. In addition to this, you will also need to submit a resume detailing related work experience.

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The author of the article, discusses about how event management industry in Canada as well as across the world is growing. He also suggests how Centennial College’s postgraduate program in event management prepares graduates for careers in this field.

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