Teachings from a Biotechnology College Lead to Jobs Outside of Science

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    Feb 24, 2014
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Teachings from a Biotechnology College Lead to Jobs Outside of Science Photo by Jason White

The world opens up once you realize that one area of study doesn't have to limit your interest and ambitions. If you are interested in laboratory science studies, you are not tied in the science field exclusively. Your work in the labs can be extended to different industries, including food and cosmetics. A good place to start your understanding of your scientific journey is by enrolling in a Biotechnology College Program in Toronto. Plenty of job opportunities in this field are obtained by college graduates.

A community college in Toronto is offering a two-year diploma program to develop the technical skills of learners and get them into the job market successfully in a short amount of time. Centennial College offers the Biotechnology (3601) program through its School of Engineering Technology and Applied Science at the Morningside campus. Students enjoy the highly interactive program, with lab practices, relevant case studies, and teacher-student mentorship.

The program's professor, Allan Richardson, says that the program is unique and students acquire hands-on experience since first semester in the in-class lab portions of the courses. Biotechnology students gain a rich learning experience at Centennial in particular, with the college's distinct approach to teaching:

  • The program has national accreditation from the Canadian Technology Accreditation Board (CTAB), since it met the requirements of teaching excellence as established by the Canadian Council of Technicians and Technologists (CCTT).
  • Each scientific course has a theory and lab portion, where students are provided with the knowledge and skills fit for the workplace.
  • Centennial opens eight cutting-edge laboratories with the latest instruments and technologies for students to practice on during the hands-on lab classes.
  • Teamwork is as valued as independent assignments. Centennial creates an atmosphere of group collaboration, and lab partners are required in some experiments.
  • Each course is taught by professors who have extensive knowledge in areas of biotechnology, and have obtained previous industry experience or are currently practicing in the industry
  • Students will not only learn about the theories and techniques in microbiology and chemistry, but they will also learn about specialized topics such as food microbiology, pharmaceutical microbiology, recombinant DNA technology, and several areas of chemistry.
  • All studies and practical training adhere with industry practices and standards, including the Occupational Health and Safety, WHMIS, GMP, HACCP.
  • Centennial gives a smooth transition to students who wish to earn further education in biotechnology. Credits in this program are accepted to the school's three-year Biotechnology Technologist program.

Graduates of the Biotechnology program started their careers in various laboratories, including those of well-known companies such as Apotex Inc., Cosmetica Laboratories Inc., Griffith Laboratories, Campbell Soup Company, and Mill Street Brewery. Centennial College is proud to offer this program in the fall semester to applicants who are interested in becoming a future Biotechnology Technician. With the help of this Centennial and its rigorous program, the sky is the limit for a career in Biotechnology.

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Jason White describes the Biotechnology Technician Program in Toronto as having an excellent opportunity in the science area, while being able to practice the technical skills in various industries.

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