Why Should You Consider a Course in Script Writing?

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    Jun 25, 2014
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Why Should You Consider a Course in Script Writing? Photo by Jason White

Screenwriting or script writing is the practice of writing screenplays for films, television programs, video games, cartoons shows and other similar means of entertainment, education, information or recreation. Screenwriting may be a freelance, part-time or full-time profession.

Possessing good storytelling abilities and creative penchant is basic requirement to write scripts or screenplays. Although no qualification is required to become a screenwriter but a professional education can open doors to numerous career opportunities that you have never even thought of.

Why Formal Education?

It's true that script writing begins with a thought or an idea. But in modern times, the profession is not limited to just weaving a story around its characters. One needs to capable of tailoring the script to an actor's specific talent, in order to survive in today's cut-throat competition.

Moreover, screenwriters nowadays are involved in the development process of a project, during pre-production, production and post-production. They wear different hats. Sometimes, they act as dialogue writers and sometimes, they come on as advisors. If they are established screenwriters, they may direct the film or program as well. However, TV show writers work for long duration as their work involves constant writing and weaving stories around the characters of the show.

A formal education helps individuals hone their writing skills as well as gain an in-depth understanding of the film and TV business. They acquire a comprehensive and in-depth understanding of what goes into developing and producing films and television shows that exhibit high quality standards and meet the expectations of modern viewers.

In addition to this, the art of filmmaking is constantly evolving across cultures and viewers expect an enhanced experience each time they watch a show or a film. Therefore, there has been a great demand for good scripting and good scriptwriters who can think out-of-box and can produce quality content.

Script Writing Program

The postgraduate script writing program is multi-disciplinary and focuses on all aspects of screenwriting – creation, pitching, and development, outlining, drafting and polishing. It is a one-year interactive and participative program that provides students with the opportunity to prepare, perform in, shoot and post shows and programs.

The program is typically delivered by faculty members who have strong academic background and extensive industry experience. Centennial College's program is open to writers, actors, directors, producers, editors and other film and television craftspeople. The program is designed in such a way that it provides students an in-depth understanding of all aspects of film or show production, including screenwriting, directing, acting production and post-production.

The program in script writing Toronto runs for two semesters, focusing on giving a solid working knowledge of what everyone does on a film or television production. This helps students understand who does what and how to tailor the script, so that it generates a strong impact on viewers.

The college program focuses solely on dramatic film-making, which includes comedy and other genres except documentary film-making. This is a short but intensive program that offers students with an enhanced ability to find an appropriate place for themselves and succeed on productions, at production companies, broadcast networks and other industry-related organizations.

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