Make a successful Career in Dynamic Television and Film Industry

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    Feb 28, 2014
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Make a successful Career in Dynamic Television and Film Industry Photo by Jason White

A career in television and film production has emerged as one of very lucrative, money-spinning propositions in recent years. More and more people are considering building careers and making it big in the entertainment industry.

However, it's not necessary for everyone to possess acting, directing or sound engineering skills to make a career in this industry. In fact, individuals can also find employment in the independent film and television production sector in the areas of accounting, business development and production management.

The television and film industry is fiercely competitive. And producers need more than just good ideas to get their projects off the ground. They need to possess in-depth understanding and working knowledge of various business aspects of the television and film production industry.

Television and Film - Business Programs in Toronto

A formal education and training in television and film - business helps interested individuals in exploring various aspects of television and film production industry, such as legal, financial, regulatory and business development. It also helps them in developing skills and gaining experience necessary for producing in the current Canadian market.

The one-year postgraduate certificate film programs Toronto cover a wide range of subjects, including:

  • The business of producing
  • Accounting for film and television
  • Production management and coordination
  • Entertainment law
  • Production
  • Business and entrepreneurship
  • Financing and funding
  • Team building
  • Going global
  • Alternative revenue streams
  • International distribution
  • Career management

The programs combine classroom learning and a field placement. The field placement allows students to get hands-on-experience and build relevant contacts that can be used as references in future.

Choosing a Film School in Toronto

Many colleges in Toronto offer television and film - business programs to students. Unfortunately, not all provide practical opportunities to learn various pre-production, production and post-production techniques. In addition, not all programs integrate knowledge of the global marketplace, transmedia, distribution models and additional revenue sources, which are necessary requirements to build careers in the areas of finance, business development and production management in television and film production industry.

Therefore, it's extremely important to carefully choose a film school Toronto that fulfills all your specific career goals. Before applying with a Toronto film school, find out if the program

  • Combines knowledge of film and television industry with principles and practices of accounting and business
  • Helps gain understanding of project finance planning, project sales and marketing planning, and business planning for launch and operations of an independent production company
  • Provides opportunities to learn production techniques in both crew and leadership positions
  • Provides hands-on industry experience through a real world field placement

Centennial College's graduate certificate program in television and film - business fulfills all these criteria and prepares you to build a career in the areas of finance, production management, business development and legal and regulatory compliance in television and film industry.

Admission Requirements

In order to apply for this program you, will need:

  • College advanced diploma (three years) or university degree (three or four years) in any discipline
  • Work experience in film and television, communications, accounting and business management (for applicants with partial post-secondary education)
  • A current resume
  • A letter of intent

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Jason White highlights the film school programs in Toronto at Centennial College. He also describes how it involves a detailed study on business development, accounting in television and film production sector.

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