Toronto College Offers Unique Educational Experience

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    Jul 18, 2014
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Toronto College Offers Unique Educational Experience Photo by Jason White

Attending a post-secondary program can be as stressful as it is rewarding. Students may have a full-time or part-time workload on top of their non-school related responsibilities. That's why it is important to attend a college or university that supports students in a range of ways.

Centennial College recognizes that students seeking a Toronto education want a wide-ranging experience that not only includes going to class, reading textbooks, doing assignments and taking tests and exams but also ways to unwind. Here are some ways in which the school promotes and supports student life — both academically and socially.

Student Services: The most important goal of a student's time in college is academic success. Centennial College helps students meet their goals through student advising. From tutoring, mentoring, Aboriginal Education Services and Aboriginal Student Services, to Career Services, Co-operative Education and overall First Year Experiences, the school has students covered in terms of goal setting and meeting.

Campus Services: At Centennial College's campuses, students enjoy a range of valuable and supportive services such as parking and transportation, locker rentals and technology in the classroom. Additionally, being well nourished is essential to success in the classroom. As such, each of Centennial College's four campuses (Progress, Morningside, Ashtonbee and The Story Arts Centre) offers food services. For example, Main Cafe at Progress Campus serves up a wide variety of nutritious meals, made-to-order favorites and snacks throughout the day. Offerings include Subway, Pizza Pizza, Chicken Chicken, Bhoj (Indian cuisine), Miso (Asian cuisine), Sultan's (Middle East cuisine), Bento Sushi, Grill Works and more! Meanwhile, the Main Cafe at the Story Arts Centre includes Pan Geo's (stir-frys, pastas and entrees), Bento Sushi, Hearty Soups, Express and more. Additional campus services include childcare, bookstores, prayer rooms and more.

Centennial College Student Association: This association is for students, by students. Its aim is "to make it possible for every student to have the best of times at Centennial College by offering excellent services and events." As such, this association offers services such as student advocacy, clubs (including All Caribbean Students with a Goal, Biomedical Engineering Student Society, Centennial College Law Society, Environmental Student Society, Muslim Student Association, Reptile Club, and many others), off-campus housing, scholarships and bursaries, student handbooks and more.

Athletics and Recreation: Centennial College supports student athletes in a number of ways. After seeing a resurgence and growth, it is the Athletics and Recreation department's hope that Centennial will return the COLTS name to the top of the Ontario College sport landscape. Guided by the notion that every student deserves a positive recreational experience while at Centennial College, the Athletics and Recreation department has done everything possible to make that a reality. With experienced recreation staff, knowledgeable fitness staff, industry leading facilities and equipment, the recreation experience at Centennial College is made memorable for students at all levels.

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