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    Jun 05, 2013
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Students at work
Students at work
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The great thing about attending computer networking training and business communications courses at college level is the amount of hands-on experience you obtain while still learning the necessary theory.

Taking four years to complete, students become part of a select group to train from the only post-secondary institution in the province to offer a bachelor’s degree program in Computer and Communication Networking. That’s because Ontario has a critical need of networking professionals and Centennial College has been selected by the Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities to deliver a program to address this demand. As such, upon completion of their computer networking training and business communications course, graduates are ready for employment as IT program managers, network administrators, project management analysts, business account managers, technical account managers, network analysts and network support.

Computer Networking and business communications courses are designed in a way to create a fine balance between the practical and the theoretical backgrounds which the employers usually look out. The included courses are: Financial Analysis, Logic and Problem-solving Strategies, Computer Architecture, Website Design and Development, Software Development Programming Fundamentals, Marketing of Services, Database Design & Modeling, and many others.

All of the computer network and business communications course are facilitated out of Centennial College’s Progress Campus, which houses state-of-the-art laboratories that are specially engineered and features VoIP, Cellular Networks, Wireless Broadband (WiMax), Advanced Routing and Switching or Network Management. Additionally, small class sizes ensure individual attention from faculty members who are highly qualified and have industry experience.

Additionally, to ensure that students get to apply what they have learned in their computer networking training and business communications courses prior to graduation, they get a chance to participate in a 15-week mandatory co-op placement. During this time, they are placed in financial institutions, Fortune 500 organizations, IMB as well as private sector companies, which not only allows them to apply their knowledge but also to network.

In order to apply, interested candidates must possess at least an Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD) with a minimum of six 12U, 12M, OAC credits or equivalent or must be 19 years of age or older.  In addition, they are required to complete the English 12U and one of the following:

Math 12U Advanced Functions, Math 12U Calculus and Vectors, Math 12U Mathematics of Data Management or equivalent.

For COOP-221, the students require minimum a C grade in ENG-110, minimum 2.0 GPA and minimum 80 per cent of year 1 and 2 courses.

It should be noted that possession of minimum admission requirements does not guarantee admission to undertaking.

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Jason White offers information about the computer networking training and business communications course at Centennial College, which results in a Bachelor of Applied Information Sciences degree.

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