Obtain a Careers in Food Service and Nutrition Management

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    Jun 12, 2014
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Obtain a Careers in Food Service and Nutrition Management Photo by Jason White

Food service and nutrition management is a multi-billion dollar industry, offering a wide range of career opportunities in the areas of menu planning, food preparation and service, nutrition management, food marketing and merchandising, facilities planning and design, health care menu planning, recipe development and costing and dietary management.

Career opportunities in food-related professionals are increasing rapidly because around half of the meals are eaten outside the home. The other reason that contributes to industry growth is that people have now become more conscious about their health and are embracing a conscious-eating approach. Besides, health care organizations, food manufacturing and service companies and industrial cafeterias are geared towards providing their clients with quality food that has been prepared in compliance with safety, sanitation and nutritional standards.

Food and nutrition management professionals may find employment with established dieticians and nutritionists, food manufacturers, food service companies, hospitals, industrial cafeterias, nursing homes, seniors' residences, community agencies, educational institutes, airline food services, restaurants and care giving centres. They may work as diet technicians, food service coordinators, quality control technicians, food and nutrition managers, dietary managers or kitchen supervisors.

Job Responsibilities of Food and Nutrition Managers

The food and nutrition managers are expected to:

  • Apply a knowledge of normal and clinical nutrition when preparing food or supervising food preparation
  • Participate in menu planning
  • Supervise the preparation of special feedings
  • Follow standardized recipes and production procedures
  • Help clients in diet planning
  • Comply sanitation, safety and hygiene standards
  • Stay updated on food regulations and policies
  • Control labour cost

Along with this, they are expected to help people understand how to take control of their health by making right choices when it comes to food. They also help nutritionists in developing healthy menus or diet plans for individual patients.

Building a Career in Food and Nutrition Management

Those interested in building careers in this industry must possess an in-depth food service and nutrition knowledge along with strong business, communication and human relations skills. Besides this, membership with the Canadian Society of Nutrition Management (CSNM) is a mandatory requirement to seek employment with health care, long term care and acute care facilities in Canada.

Studying Food and Nutrition Management

Centennial College's food service program equips students with the knowledge, skills and experience required to pursue challenging careers in growing healthcare and food service industry. In addition, the program graduates are eligible for memberships with the Canadian Society of Nutrition Management and Ontario Society of Nutrition Management.

The two-year post-secondary program reflects high standards of learning, as it has received the President's Academic Program Recognition Award for Preparation for Job Market, Graduate Satisfaction, Student Satisfaction, Employer Satisfaction and Quality of Learning Experience.

Program Learnings

The program provides a supportive learning environment and helps them gain:

  • Knowledge in quantity food production and nutrition management
  • Understanding of food services industry
  • Strong communication and interpersonal skills
  • Understanding of sanitation, safety and hygiene principles
  • Professional competence in keeping with the codes of ethics
  • Computing, accounting and mathematical ability
  • Technical skills to conduct experiments to analyse food properties

It offers a unique blend of theoretical learning and hands-on experience through an industry field placement. The program graduates can seek employment in both public and private sectors.

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The author of the article, discusses the career opportunities in food and nutrition management industry. In the second part of his article, he writes about how Centennial College's post-secondary food service program prepares students for careers in this industry.

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