The School of Continuing Education Understands That Teaching Adults Involves a Unique Approach

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    Aug 12, 2014
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The School of Continuing Education Understands That Teaching Adults Involves a Unique Approach Photo by Jason White

Forget everything you thought you knew about being an adult learner. Centennial College, the first community college established in the province of Ontario, is changing the way part-time learners study by offering distinct options that will allow anyone to obtain an education.

Your experience in the School of Continuing Education begins with a choice that is entirely based on your career goals, your schedule and your personal preferences. If, for example, you have taken a few years off after high school but are looking to return to the field to launch a new career, part-time studies that are completed on campus may be for you. Think about it. You are launching a brand new career and would benefit from seeing hands-on demonstrations, learning by doing (through projects, presentations, group work, case studies, mock exercises and more) and building your network. Should you choose this option, you would become one of the 28,000 people take advantage of this School, which offers a total of 160 certificate and diploma undertakings and more than 1,200 different courses. Some of the career areas you can complete by attending classes during the evenings and weekends include: business, communications, community services, engineering and technology, general education and teaching as well as transportation and motorcycle.

Meanwhile, if you are already working in your desired field but wish to upgrade your education so that you may advance, it may not be necessary for you to attend on-campus classes at one of the four Centennial College locations. It is, however, worth noting that each campus location houses classrooms that belong to a certain area of study, making attending part-time classes a very unique experience. Online option still offers a classroom environment in the form of virtual classes that allow students to communicate with instructors and students from all over the world.

Lastly, for those who aren't as comfortable with technology or don't own a computer but feel they can study independently, there are print-based correspondence courses. These are typically less complicated courses that can be completed within a six-month period.

To ensure that students are comfortable with beginning their education as adult learners, the School of Continuing Education offers CE Info Nights. By attending, you will have the opportunity to meet the CE Team and learn more about courses and programs. Those attending the CE Info Night at Progress Campus will have the opportunity to attend the free workshop, Career Possibilities 101, as well as meet the Canadian Payroll Association (CPA), the Supply Chain Management Association of Ontario (SCMAO) and the Project Management Institute (PMI).

All programs offered through this school have their own prerequisites and it's best to check each individual program's page to ensure that you have the necessary requirements to apply.

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Emma writes that the choice to study at the School of continuing education within Centennial College comes with personalized study options that include areas such as business, communications, community services, and more.

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