KlassKit Debuts Its Class Management And Event-Planning Platform

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    Apr 03, 2014
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KlassKit Debuts Its Class Management And Event-Planning Platform Photo by Robert Anderson

Class event management and reunion-planning

Planning class events and reunions can be an intimidating, labor-intensive task. One that typically falls on the shoulders of school administrators, class presidents and other student council members. Until recently, few solutions provided organizers with an all-in-one management tool for the myriad tasks involved in the planning process: arranging venues, managing contact lists and collecting funds, to name a few of the big ones.

That’s changing. Designers of management and collaboration tools, once focused squarely on small to mid-sized businesses, are now spreading into class management, a niche that sits, often overlooked, in the thin but deep space between education and commerce. When you’re class president, you’re essentially president of a company. Running a class is akin to running a small business, particularly once you graduate--it’s a big commitment. As a class leader (student council president, school administrator) your class members are paying you (dues, dance and reunion ticket fees) in exchange for the ability to connect and stay connected with their fellow students. Properly delivering value to your fellow members requires time, vision, organization, commitment and teamwork. You must:

• Organize contacts. Invitations must be sent out. This requires the collection and maintenance of contact data for all members of the class.

• Create and disseminate content. Like any business, you must reach out to your customers. Advertising upcoming events, alerting members to event changes or deadlines, and providing instructions and reminders are all part of a strong, smart communication cycle.

• Manage vendors. School-related events require a venue. You’ll also need decorations, music, and catering. How many drink tickets does everyone get? Are all the contracts signed? Can we nail up the banner? These and innumerable other logistical considerations are part and parcel of ensuring a successful dance, celebration or reunion.

• Collaborate with fellow planners. If you’re part of a school administration or reunion planning committee, you need a process for delegating tasks and keeping track of everyone.

• Collect and process payments. Securely processing, storing, and allocating reunion and event funds are a major part of your responsibility.

Class management tools

Being president of the student body has always required time, energy and organization. Now, thanks to modern technology, tasks can be accomplished efficiently and easily online. Tools like the recently launched Boston startup KlassKit.com offer class managers an all-in-one communication, collaboration, planning and management tool. Built for classes’ currently in school and for those that have graduated, KlassKit offers optional extras such as online credit card processing for an additional fee over their standard subscription rate. Another option built specifically for reunion planning, www.greatreunions.com is available in most states and provides all the reunion essentials, from a reunion website to a DJ to name badges. For class presidents looking specifically for help managing student government, the American Student Government Association offers free resources on their website http://www.asgaonline.com.

The future of student government and class management

As business management software is repurposed and redesigned to suit the needs of class managers, the possibilities and potential seem unlimited. In the future, student governments and reunion planners will have access to online tools, social media, and cloud-stored data management that makes class collaboration, event planning and member-to-member communication easy.

KlassKit is an easy-to-use event-planning tool website that helps students, governments or other class leaders to manage Easily And Efficiently High School Or College Graduating Class. http://www.klasskit.com/

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