Breaking into Interactive Media Industry

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    Mar 24, 2014
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Breaking into Interactive Media Industry Photo by Jason White

Shift from analogue to digital technology a couple of decades ago had opened up vast new fields of possibilities in graphic design and computer games. However, the continuous and rapid advancement in digital technology has been opening doors to numerous exciting career opportunities for past few years. The growth doesn't seem to slow down in near future. In fact, it's all set to rise up.

Although the careers available in this field are diverse and plenty, but it's become more difficult than ever to enter the world of work and secure a descent paying job. The competition in job market is fierce. Employers are keen on hiring professionals who

  • Possess excellent industry knowledge
  • Have substantial work experience
  • Behave like media entrepreneurs, innovators and creators
  • Are comfortable with content production
  • Are well versed in programming technologies and computer networking
  • Have an understanding of video and sound techniques for interactive media
  • Can keep a tab on and easily adapt to the new technology

In addition, they are also expected to have undergone formal education and training in interactive media design and management. In fact, this is one of the prerequisites for entering the world of work. Experienced professionals are also expected to upgrade their knowledge and skills for more advanced employment opportunities.

Interactive Media Programs in Canada

Centennial College's post-graduate three-semester interactive media program is an intensive, project-driven program that prepares individuals for working efficiently in today's world of interactive technology, media and innovation. It may be the right choice for those who

  • Want to break into the digital media industry, but do not have qualification or experience required to seek employment
  • Are already employed in the industry and wish to upgrade their skills and knowledge

The interactive media course in Toronto lays a strong emphasis on strategy, user experience, and narrative and management skills. It covers various subjects, including:

  • Production tools
  • Emerging technology
  • Interactive digital industry
  • Experience design tools
  • Writing for interactive media
  • Interactive narrative
  • Video and sound for interactive media
  • Analytics
  • Studio mentorship/partnership
  • Project management
  • Interactive media business
  • Career networking
  • Pitching and presentations
  • Entrepreneurship

The program combines classroom learning, collaborative projects and a field placement. It helps students build foundational skills in user experience planning through

  • Wireframing
  • Content structure analysis
  • Practical coding
  • Production for digital platforms
  • Management skills

The students are exposed to the industry and available career options in the beginning of the program. They complete their learning with an intensive industry field placement.

After Course Completion

The graduates of this program can find employment as interactive producers, digital project managers, digital strategists, user experience designers and digital content producers in the fields of software development, games development, mobile app development, video production and games and animation.

Admission Requirements

In order to apply for this program, the students will need to:

  • Submit college diploma or university degree in any discipline
  • Show relevant work experience ( for applicants with partial post secondary – minimum two years)
  • Submit a letter of interest to program coordinator
  • Attend a program admission session

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Jason White who wrote down this write-up; presents an account of interactive media program in Toronto which prepares the students to make a career in digital media sector.

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