The Benefits of Distance Learning

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    Aug 13, 2013
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The Benefits of Distance Learning Photo by Jason White

Distance Learning gives students the option to study online in a virtual classroom. Although you at not physically present in a classroom, this educational route has many benefits.

1. Study at your convenience: Distance Learning is ideal for learners with busy lives as it allows them to study whenever they have time — whether that's late at night when the kids are asleep or in the morning before they head out of the door to start their day. At Centennial College, students can take Distance Learning through the School of Continuing Education in two formats: Printed-Based Courses or online. With the first option, Distance Learning materials are mailed to the learner's home and must be completed within six months. That allows the learner to pace him or herself to finish the assignments whenever he or she pleases. Meanwhile, the online Distance Learning route allows for more of a classroom feel that helps the student stay on course.

2. Save money: Because Distance Learning at Centennial College only requires learners to complete an in-person exam once they finish course materials, there is no need to travel. Not only do you save money on gas or public transportation but Distance Learning also prevents you from having to find and pay babysitters if you have kids or leave your job early to make it to class. When you factor in these costs into what you are paying for tuition and books, you are truly saving yourself quite a bit of money through Distance Learning.

3. Choose your own method: While some people relish sitting in front of a computer, others prefer pushing a pen across paper. That's why Centennial College's Distance Learning has two options to suit learner needs. With online classes, students have access to an online classroom 24 hours a day. In this classroom they will find assignments, discussions with classmates on discussion boards and access to instructors via email. Meanwhile, in the print-based courses Distance Learning option, students are mailed all of their course materials. These learners must ensure they are self-reliant as all of the studying is completed on their own. They do, however, have the ability to call or email their instructors should they need clarification on their assignments.

4. There's something for everyone: The distance learning options offer a very wide range of programs that students can complete — whether your interest is in community studies, health, business, science and more. For example, Centennial College's Print-Based Courses include: Business Management (Entrepreneurial, International or Marketing), Cosmetics by Correspondence, SmartServe and more. Meanwhile, online Distance Learning courses include options like: Quality Assurance, Computer and Information Technology, Hospitality, Languages, and much more.

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