Pre Health Program: A Step towards Choosing the Right Science Related Career

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    Jul 28, 2014
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Pre Health Program: A Step towards Choosing the Right Science Related Career Photo by Jason White

Considering a career in practical nursing, massage therapy or physiology? You will need more than just the basic education, in order to achieve this challenging goal. Understanding your career goals, identifying your interests and planning play a critical role in ensuring that you're on the right path. However, these elements are often overlooked. Most of the times, you just focus on entering into a program that your friends are opting for.

It's of utmost importance to be on the right track, to build a rewarding career after a few years. Along with identifying your particular interests, you also need to bridge the knowledge gap, to enter college-level science program of your choice. Centennial College's pre health science program helps you understand your requirements as well as bridge the knowledge gap. It's a carefully designed program that prepares you for your future educational and career goals.

Although several colleges in Toronto offer pre-health programs but not all may help you achieve your specific career goals. Centennial's program not only intends to help you bridge the knowledge gap but also to help you identify your passions and interests. The USP of the program is that the faculty and students have one-on-one session where the former advises the latter, helping them choose a field of study.

The pre-health program runs for one year through two semesters and covers a range of subjects, including Chemistry, Biology, Mathematics, Communications, and Computers for Healthcare Professionals, Developmental Psychology, Pre-anatomy and Physiology. You will refine your fundamentals and study habits and gain eligibility to enter a post-secondary college program of your choice. The program also aims to help you in becoming familiar with the opportunities available in the areas that interest you.

On the whole, it's an all-inclusive program that focuses on all aspects of your education and career, including addressing the knowledge gap, identifying your interests and getting help for preparing post-secondary programs. This two-semester program makes a right choice for you, if you:

  • Want to explore science program at the college before applying for one
  • Lack eligibility requirements for a post-secondary college program in science discipline
  • Haven't finished science courses at school which are mandatory to apply to the college programs
  • Wish to explore career options related to the subjects you are interested in

During the program tenure, you will

  • Work closely with a faculty advisor
  • Gain from excellent facilities at the college, such as library, student counselling, etc
  • Receive guidance from career centre staff
  • Identify your interests and plan your career

No matter what your needs are, the program in pre-health aims to meet them and advise you on selecting the right career path. With this, you will also get numerous opportunities to interact with the graduates of this program and experienced faculty who have been delivering this program for years. You will gain from their experience and attain clarity in what you want to study and which career you want to pursue upon graduation. The program helps you become a more competent candidate for undergraduate programs.

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