Learning to be efficient and results-oriented in Kitchen Management

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    Oct 11, 2013
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Learning to be efficient and results-oriented in Kitchen Management Photo by Jason White

By undertaking a hospitality course on kitchen management, students can expect to have a better advantage than those who enter the industry without proper education. Centennial College offers several courses on its Hospitality Operations - Kitchen Management (1806) program to prepare future Kitchen Managers and Restaurant Managers run an efficient and profitable business.

Kitchen Managers and such titles in the area of managing the kitchen and service operations can expect to handle inventory, food waste, labour costs, and health and safety, while managing a trained and motivated staff, maintained facilities, upheld goals and positive results, and satisfied customers. The hospitality program at Centennial College on kitchen management accomplishes these through its intensive two-semester certificate program:

- The Canadian Restaurant and Foodservices Association established the Sanitation, Safety and Hygiene course to teach safe food handling practices.
- Customer loyalty, retention, and satisfaction are the key elements in understanding internal and external customer service, through the Customer Service: A Modern Approach course.
- Since Kitchen Managers are often the hiring managers of their operational staff, the Human Resources & Career Planning course will introduce students to Human Resource practices in hiring and retaining the best talents, including topics such as employee appraisals, performance reviews, and rewards programs.
- The course to help manage food waste, Quantity Food Production, ensures that students can safely handle and store foods to prevent unnecessary expired products and spoiled goods, while maintaining the correct number of items to be served.
- Monitoring the cash flow through labour and food waste helps ensures that the revenue is at an optimum. The Principles of Food, Beverage & Labour Cost Controls course prepares students to be analytical thinkers, from data exercises on food, beverage and labour cost controls, using the Excel program.
-  Leadership is an essential skill as the head of kitchen operations. The Supervisory Practices for the Kitchen Manager course train students to be competent and knowledgeable coaches, role models, and mentors for the kitchen staff.
- In order to manage the kitchen, you need to know the trade. The core concepts of food production are learned in the Theory of Food course, teaching students some basic food preparations, measurements, and proper plate presentation.

These kitchen management courses are vital for a Hospitality industry professional and managerial staff. On-the-job training during the course of studies is implemented through a field placement, which gives students a first-hand look at the industry and practice the classroom theory in the kitchen work area and scenarios. Students will graduate with a Smart Serve certification and a National Sanitation Training certificate and can expect to work in food services in restaurants, hospitals, educational institutions, hotels and other establishments with food and beverage operations. Centennial College prepares the Hospitality Operations - Kitchen Management students of today to Food Service Managers of tomorrow.

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