Customize Your Education with Three Continuing Education Options

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    Aug 26, 2013
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Customize Your Education with Three Continuing Education Options Photo by Jason White

Did you know that going back to school to attend a Continuing Education program can be a totally customized experience that suits your life and learning style? At Centennial College, the School of Continuing Education knows that students have different needs but one common goal: advancing their careers by obtaining a post-secondary credential. Every year, some 28,000 people take advantage of the Continuing Education option's part-time, online and print-based courses and programs, which total 160 certificate and diploma undertakings and more than 1,200 different courses.

All Continuing Education offerings come with their own prerequisites and students should check the webpage of their program of choice to ensure that they have the necessary requirements to apply. It's worth noting that within certain programs there might be qualification requirements and costs for external accreditations, designations, certifications or recognitions. The granting bodies set these and to qualify for any of those external accreditations, designations, certification or recognition, students and graduates need to follow the processes and meet the applicable requirements listed on the websites and materials of those external bodies

Part-time Studies: In this most traditional approach to Continuing Education, students enroll in part-time courses that they complete by attending on-campus classes during the evenings or weekends. This makes it convenient for those who work full-time jobs or juggle family life to obtain an education. Centennial College has four campuses from which Continuing Education programs are facilitated. Attending continuing education courses on-campus comes with a range of benefits such as fully equipped classrooms and labs where hands-on practice can be obtained, group projects and discussions, field trips, presentations and laboratory work. The range of Continuing Education programs that students can attend through a part-time on-campus basis include: Food Service Worker, Early Childhood Education, Engineering Technology, Accounting, Computers and Information Technology, Fitness and much more.

Distance Learning (Online Classes): For those who may be too busy to attend on-campus classes, want to save on travel time or travel money, or simply prefer to learn on their own, Centennial College's Continuing Education offers Distance Learning. In this format, students attend online classes in a "virtual classroom" to which they have 24/7 access. Instructors who are professionals in their respective fields teach courses — such as Medical Transcriptionist, Office Bookkeeping, Home Inspection, Fundraising, Quality Assurance and more. These Continuing Education faculty members assist students with assignments and facilitate discussions via online discussion boards so that students get a classroom feel.

Distance Learning (Print-Based Courses): Also under the Continuing Education Distance Learning umbrella is Print-Based Courses. The main difference between this option and online classes is that students receive course materials in the mail rather than completing assignments online. These students still receive guidance from Continuing Education faculty members with whom they may connect via email, phone or regular mail. Print-Based Courses are typically completed in six months and see students finishing lessons, written assignments, exams and the various tools for success.

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