Distance Learning Popular with Wide Range of Students

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    Jul 18, 2014
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Distance Learning Popular with Wide Range of Students Photo by Jason White

While learning from a distance isn't exactly a new one, it is becoming increasingly popular. The reasons for this popularity are many.

Firstly, let's look at what exactly this learning option consists of. Distance Learning involves students applying to programs that they don't actually attend campus to complete but instead complete in the comfort of their own home. At Centennial College, for example, this is made possible through two options: online classes or print-based correspondence.

So why is this such a popular way of learning? Firstly, the majority of people completing post-secondary credentials in this way are adults with responsibilities that include full-time jobs and running households. For these people, convenience is likely at the top of the list in terms of considerations when obtaining an education. Attending campus, even in the evenings on a part-time basis will likely not fit into many of these people's idea of convenience. Meanwhile, being able to learn online on their home computers or complete printed assignments on their lunch break at work may work better. Secondly, these busy people are able to pace themselves as they have the flexibility to complete their course work as they see fit. Thirdly, this learning format works for many people because they don't need access to the physical classroom to complete assignments. They are not limited to having to wait for a class to roll around in order to complete their courses.

Centennial College's Distance Learning options are facilitated through the school's School of Continuing Education, which offers more than 1,300 courses and programs. As previously mentioned, students can complete online classes or print-based correspondence.

Online classes

  • For those who are computer savvy, this is an option that still offers a classroom feel via discussion boards
  • Students gain access to the virtual classroom 24 hours a day
  • Instructors are available to clarify students' questions or address concerns via email
  • Assignments are all handed in electronically
  • Students have six months to complete any course for which they register
  • Students must attend an on-campus final exam
  • Among the classes students can complete through this option are: Criminal Psychology and Behaviour, Food Service Worker, Legal Office Assistant, Retirement Communities Management and more

Print-based correspondence

  • No computer? No problem. These classes are completed by material that is mailed to the students' homes
  • Students are assigned a tutor with whom they can communicate via phone or email
  • This option is for students who are totally comfortable with learning independently, as there is no classroom feel as there is with the online classes
  • Like the online classes, students must attend an on-campus final exam
  • Classes that may be completed via print-based correspondence include: Business Management – Entrepreneurial, Cosmetics by Correspondence, SmartServe and more

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In her piece about distance learning at Centennial College, Klaudia offers three sets of information. The first is about the School of Continuing Education, the second is about online classes and the final is about print-based correspondence.

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