A Diploma in Hospitality and Tourism Administration Opens Doors to a World of Employment Opportunities

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    Jun 12, 2014
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A Diploma in Hospitality and Tourism Administration Opens Doors to a World of Employment Opportunities Photo by Jason White

Centennial College's three-year post-secondary program in hospitality and tourism administration prepares you to work in diverse sectors of hospitality, travel and tourism industry. The program provides exposure to all possible aspects of the industry, including hotel and restaurant general management, housekeeping management, hospitality and tourism marketing, kitchen and dining room management, customer relationship management, food and beverage management, facilities management, hotel sales and marketing, convention planning and management, tourism law and security, tourism entrepreneurship, tour coordination, event planning and many more.

Not only this, it also covers a full range of business practice, preparing you to work in the areas of human resources, financial management, hospitality accounting, budgeting, and industry operations in the entire tourism and hospitality field. This means that the program offers a comprehensive understanding of the Canadian tourism industry and excellent employment prospects.

Canadian Tourism and Hospitality Industry

Tourism and hospitality industry makes Canada's largest employment sector, employing over 1.6 million Canadians from coast to coast at different operational and managerial levels. The industry generates annual revenue of around $61 billion and is expected to grow further. This can be directly associated with increased employment opportunities in various tourism and hospitality sectors.

However, in order to build a rewarding career in this field, you need to undergo specialized education and training in hospitality and tourism. Despite constantly improving employment prospects, the job marketing is getting fiercer day by day. Employers are keen on hiring highly qualified professionals who can help them sustain and grow in a fiercely competitive business environment, while constantly driving innovation and enhancing customer service standards.

Hospitality and Tourism Administration Program

A diploma program in tourism and hospitality administration offers you comprehensive understanding of the large inbound tourism industry in Canada. You will study about every possible aspect of hospitality and tourism, including food and beverages, travel and accommodation, sanitation, safety and hygiene, cultural and heritage tourism, customer services, professional communication, report writing, food, beverages and labour cost control, meeting, convention and event management, issues in hospitality industry and special events.

Choosing the Right Program

Numerous Canadian colleges offer post-secondary diploma programs in tourism and hospitality management. But not all are accredited. Choosing the right program involves a number of factors. It's important to consider if the program you're applying for:

  • Is recognized
  • Provides industry exposure
  • Offers much required computer education
  • Offers strong employment prospects
  • Allows you to apply our credits towards further study

Centennial College's three-year diploma program and hospitality and tourism administration is accredited by UNWTO TedQual. The college also houses a full service hospitality management centre and an onsite conference centre where you can get hands-on training. It also incorporates a four-days-per-week, 15-week industry field placement in final semester, allowing you to put their classroom learning into practice and gain relevant industry contacts.

The program also offers strong employment prospects to students. You are prepared to work in all sectors of tourism and hospitality industry. Not only this, you may apply your academic credits towards a university degree in this discipline.

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