Join Business Administration College and Explore Your Business Skills and Acumen

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    Dec 17, 2013
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Join Business Administration College and Explore Your Business Skills and Acumen Photo by Pamela Wendell

Business is not limited to enterprises, financial institutions and multinational companies. It is everywhere and no matter what industry and sector you are involved in, having a good business acumen can help you progress in your career. Essential business skills and perspectives can enhance your way of thinking and implementing processes at work, enabling improved operations and better solutions to challenges. Furthermore, if you want to take a leap in your career and enter management, a business background will complement your education and experience. A business administration college background can lead to promising careers and even self-fulfillment. College opens the doors for multiple opportunities in various industries and professions.

In many occupations, postsecondary graduates tend to start at entry-level positions. Fast-track your career by gaining the much-needed experience and have a taste of what it is like to be a business professional. A diploma in Business Administration opens paths to further education, specializing in vast areas in business that would be in these major sections: Accounting, Human Resources, Marketing, Finance, Operations, and Management. This is a win-win situation where you gain higher education and step into the business world after your applied learning in college.

Centennial College, Ontario's first college, offers the Business Administration (2406) program to high school graduates, mature students, Second Career students and business professionals wishing to learn more about the functions and practices in today's business environment, in Canada and around the world. The three-year program impresses the following learning outcomes to its students :-

  • Distinguish multiple intelligences and learning styles to help with your learning curve in approaching a new task and entering a new work environment
  • Identify and apply effective communication techniques and disseminate communication barriers to become establish good communication relationships with your coworkers, vendors, customers, and everyone you deal with at work.
  • Assess company operations by measuring employee motivation and organizational behaviour
  • Prepare a master budget and a flexible budget with a principles of standard cost variances and management control
  • Explain the business organization as a value chain and demonstrate how it can achieve a competitive advantage
  • Design and develop a business plan and learn how to think and act like an entrepreneur

Students learn a variety of skillset in the Business Administration program at Centennial College. Their enhanced communication and critical thinking skills will help them express themselves and bring their creative ideas to life. Graduates will receive a business administration diploma and expect to venture into the working word as a knowledgeable and competent business professional. Graduates have held several titles including Administrative Assistants, Event Planners, Marketing Coordinators, Inventory Specialists, Talent Coordinators, and Real Estate Agents.

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The author of this article is Jason White and he wrote about the endless possibilities of careers from a Business Administration College at Centennial College. Graduates can specialize in Accounting, Marketing, Human Resources, Operations, and other fields upon completion of the program.

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