Community Development Work Paves Way for Social Change

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    Sep 16, 2013
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Community Development Work Paves Way for Social Change Photo by Jason White

Are you interested in understanding how people work together in a culture? It's a fascinating topic, the evolution of a community and how the economy and politics come into play. Welcome to the world of Community Development Work, a community services program offered at Centennial College in Toronto.

Community development programs involve the understanding of social relations, which cover an individual's personal and work life and his or her involvement in a community. The college's program includes the Social Psychology course which explains theories and examples of social phenomenon. In order to understand social relations, you have to study areas of public policy, community structure, and economics. At Centennial College, the community development program challenges your beliefs and questions your awareness of issues like injustice. Centennial's signature learning program, Global Citizenship: From Social Analysis to Social Action, is a mandatory subject for every student. It opens up social issues in Canada and around the world to spread awareness and call for change. Topics include Aboriginal history in Canada, poverty, and equality and equity. The course has a major group project where each team analyze a social problem and provides recommended solutions and steps to making a positive impact in society.

Professions revolve around social work which includes Child and Youth Workers, Rehabilitation Service Worker, and Mental Health Worker. However, community development is a broad area which affects the state of the economy so if you aspire to work in public service or engage in economics, politics, or community development and planning, this course will help introduce the basis of community development.

Aside from the class discussions and assignments in the Community Development Work program, it has a practical component that exposes students to real-life situations. Two work placements are required to graduate in the program. One of them is during the course of the third semester where students simultaneously attend classes and intern at an organization. Students can relate their knowledge from the classroom to the workplace. The final and fourth semester of the program fully involves the placement where students also attend a placement seminar.

The fall intake of the community development program is located at Centennial's Ashtonbee campus. There are two academic requirements to enter the program: (1) English proficiency, grade 12 level and (2) an Ontario Secondary School Diploma or equivalent, or mature student status. Students graduate with an Ontario College Diploma and the experience in their field which they can add to their resume and portfolio. Employers include the government and government agencies, not-for-profit organizations, and corporations.

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