Colleges in Toronto Offer Exciting Educational Opportunities

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    Jul 14, 2014
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Colleges in Toronto Offer Exciting Educational Opportunities Photo by Jason White

Toronto is Canada's largest and most populous city. As such, it offers numerous opportunities for post-secondary students that they may not be allotted elsewhere. For example, students who attend post-secondary education in Toronto have a range of options when it comes to completing a field placement — which is a staple of many college offerings. Toronto is the hub for many professions and, therefore, students may snag a placement with a respected and well-known company within their chosen profession. Secondly, Toronto allows for various volunteer opportunities thanks to all of the events taking place within it. For example, those who attend an event planning offering can expect to volunteer at events like the MuchMusic Music Video Awards while those who attend a health promotion program can gain volunteer experience at events such as the various charity runs and bike rides that take place in the city.

One of the most respected colleges in Toronto is also its oldest. Centennial College opened its doors in 1966 and has since then established itself as an institution that has forged relationships with the community and prepares its students with the theoretical background employers look for and the practical experience to confidently enter their chosen field. This is achieved through both in and out of classroom support.

This college sees enrollment rates of 16,000 full-time students and 22,000 part-time learners. Students who attend this school can choose from 100 full-time programs, 140 part-time programs as well as courses presented via Distance Learning (an off-shoot of the School of Continuing Education), which entails learning through online classes or Print-Based Correspondence. Programs are offered in areas such as: Business, Community and Health Studies, Technology and Applied Science, Hospitality Tourism and Culture as well as Communications, Media and Design.

Professors and instructors who have extensive experience in the field for which they are preparing students teach the classes. As such, students are learning from professionals who go beyond textbook teaching to draw on their own experiences to stress certain points or offer students advice. Additionally, these professionals have relationships in the field that allow them to refer students to their colleagues for possible jobs upon graduation.

Outside of their classes, students can seek help from a range of students services among which are: Aboriginal Education Services, Academic Advising, Centre for Academic English, Centre for Students with Disabilities, Counselling, First Year Experience, Libraries, Peer Tutoring and Student Relations Office. These services provide safe places for students to voice concerns, obtain extra help to ensure they are excelling in their classes and more. The people running these programs have experience in dealing with students from all walks of life and are sensitive to a range of beliefs, cultures and needs.

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Jason, in his article about colleges in Toronto, focuses on the various aspects of Centennial College — which is the province's first community college. These benefits include flexibility through full-time and part-time options.

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