Business Administration - Marketing Programs in Canada

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    Apr 11, 2014
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Business Administration - Marketing Programs in Canada Photo by Jason White

Marketing is one of the most important functions of a business, regardless of its size, nature and area where it operates. It's the responsibility of marketers to manage the links between the organization and its customers, analyze consumer needs, offer products and services to meet their specific needs and maintain strong relationships with them.

The marketing professionals at higher level of management also anticipate competitors' actions, develop strategies to swiftly react to business environment, develop products and services and pricing strategies and communicate with the suppliers, customers and media persons. Marketing is a vast field; thus, it offers a number of career options at various levels of management.

Marketing is a dynamic field. The professionals not only need to possess excellent product knowledge and communication skills but they are also expected to be self-motivated, energetic and go-getters. In the current business scenario, they are also expected to integrate business and marketing fundamentals with the computer applications and analytical and critical-thinking skills.

These skills and abilities can be developed through broad-based understanding of business as a whole and marketing principles and practices and ever-changing business environment. A specialized business marketing program can help individuals in gaining the knowledge and skills necessary to build careers in this field.

Business Administration - Marketing in Canada

Centennial College's three-year post-secondary program in business administration - marketing prepares students to become marketing leaders. The focus of the program is to train them in diverse areas of marketing, such as marketing research, brand planning, selling, marketing communications and interactive marketing. They are not only taught about direct marketing fundamentals but the program lays a strong focus on the understanding of e-marketing and customer relationship management, which is essential in today's business environment.

The learning is facilitated by professors who have strong industry experience in this field. The program incorporates classroom learning, case studies, guest lectures, projects, presentations, computer simulations and technologies and industry project component. Students are provided with an opportunity to work in teams on live projects sponsored by entrepreneurial endeavours. The business marketing training helps them gain practical understanding of the business world, allowing them to put their learning into practice.

Additional Benefits

Apart from helping students build strong theoretical grounding and gain practical experience, the college offers business marketing students a number added advantages. The program

  • Offers students an opportunity to obtain membership privileges with the Canadian Marketing Association (CMA)
  • Sponsors selected students in national and province-wide academic competitions
  • Offers them an opportunity to apply their credit rewards towards a university degree
  • Emphasizes on the use of computer applications of software for marketers

Eligibility Requirements

Students interested in building a career in marketing can send their applications to the college along with supporting, including a copy of secondary school diploma certificate, and scores of English Grade 12 C or University or equivalent and Mathematics Grade 11 M or 12 C or University or equivalent. Students currently in high school are also eligible to apply for this program. Their midterm and final term scores will be automatically transmitted to the college.

Program graduates can pursue their careers as marketing coordinators, marketing analysts, advertising assistants, public relations assistants, sales representatives, promotions assistants or assistant brand managers or else they can choose to study further to obtain a business marketing degree.

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Jason White, the author of the article mentions what marketing professionals are expected to do. He also writes about how Centennial College's post-secondary business marketing program and training helps them gain competencies required to seek employment in the field of marketing.

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