Advanced Certificate Programs in Script Writing in Toronto

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    Mar 26, 2014
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Advanced Certificate Programs in Script Writing in Toronto Photo by Jason White

Learn the art and science of television and film writing by enrolling into an advanced script writing program and acquire an in-depth, comprehensive and hands-on understanding of what goes into developing and producing quality TV shows and feature films. The program helps you develop the unique structure and voice in your writing while allowing you to learn the techniques and skills required to break into today's television industry.

The students of this program will:

  • Gain insights into ever-changing television and film industry
  • Learn to create, pitch, develop, outline, draft and polish production-ready film scripts
  • Develop advanced film/television writing technique
  • Learn to prepare, perform in, shoot and post TV shows
  • Gain solid working knowledge of what everyone does on a film or television production

Who Can Consider Enrolling in a Script Writing Program?

This program is designed for any college or university graduate who is interested in learning the art and science of screenwriting, whether for building a rewarding career in creative arts or for personal enrichment. Individuals who are already employed in media-related fields or possess production experience can also consider enrolling in this program for more advanced career opportunities.

About Script Writing Program

A postgraduate certificate program in script writing runs for one year, through two semesters. The class is a community of film writers, actors, directors, producers and film makers who share a love of TV and film. The program doesn't stream students into master classes immediately. Rather it provides students with a solid working knowledge of what everyone (crew members) does on a film production in the first semester. With this, a strong emphasis is laid on script development, enabling students gain a foothold in the business.

The second semester concentrates on preparing, performing in, shooting and posting TV shows and feature films. The emphasis is on understanding the major and minor areas of the art and craft of film production. Aside from classes, students of this program benefit from the experiences of visiting film scholars, screenwriters, producers, actors and directors.

Admission Prerequisites

The postgraduate certification course in script writing can be taken up by the college (three years) or university (three or four years) graduates in any discipline. Candidates with partial post-secondary education (at least two years) and a verifiable portfolio of work representing at least two years of experience in production or a media-related (film or television) field can also apply for this program.

The applicants are also required to submit their latest resumes and a letter of intent expressing their expectations from the program, and a portfolio of a film produced or directed by the applicant or an on-camera audition or a writing sample. The applications can be submitted online, in person or by mail.

Choosing a Script Writing Program in Canada

There are a number of colleges in Canada that offer postgraduate script writing programs but Centennial College's program is unique among the few other television and film programs currently available in GTA. The program in script writing Toronto focuses solely on dramatic film making. It includes comedy and all other genres except documentary film-making. It covers all aspects of film making, including pre-production, production and post-production and is considered as one of the most prestigious programs in the country.

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