Centennial College - Offering a Unique Blended Experience with Strong Academic Grounding

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    Aug 11, 2014
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Centennial College - Offering a Unique Blended Experience with Strong Academic Grounding Photo by Gene Haskell

Well located, modern buildings, state-of-the-art labs, teachers with strong industry and academic backgrounds and numerous engineering courses with a wide variety of career possibilities! This is what engineering aspirants will find at Centennial College Toronto.

The electronics engineering technician program helped me develop technical expertise in areas of wireless communications, data communications, microcontrollers and industrial systems. This CTAB nationally accredited program allowed to me work with computers, communication transceivers, and electronics testing and measurement equipment and radio and television equipment. Hands-on laboratory further enhanced my experience at Centennial.

I am a newcomer to Canada and I felt like home when I joined Centennial. The support staff at the admissions was great. They answered all of my queries quickly. The orientation event ensured that I settled in here easily and comfortably. The program is taught by some of the most incredible teachers. They were masters in their field and gave us lots of hands-on opportunities to complement the theory.

Joining Centennial was a well-thought decision. As I wasn’t a local, I made a thorough research before applying to this program. I went through first-hand Centennial College reviews. Then I called at the admissions department where all my queries were immediately resolved. The positive response from the support staff gave me more reasons to come to Centennial.

I enjoyed my time at Centennial thoroughly. I decided to stay at Residence, which allowed me to become friends with so many people from diverse communities and backgrounds. The Residence was fully furnished and I had a comfortable stay. The best part about staying at the residence was that I didn’t have to miss any activity. I was residing just a few steps away from my classes.

I recommend Centennial to everyone who wishes to build careers in electronics engineering. The program trains in modern electronics and offers an optimum balance between theory and hands-on experience. And the laboratory is equipped with all modern equipment. The college library has all possible resources which can be utilized during your stay at Centennial.

Although the program offers strong employment prospects to graduates but I chose to apply my academic credits to transfer into the fifth semester of the technologist program to upgrade my skills. It helped me avail more advanced career opportunities.

I am still in touch with all my teachers and it feels great to be called as Centennial graduate. If you want to be an engineering technician, apply to this program. You will be glad you did when you connect the dots after a few years.

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The author writes about the program that offers strong employment prospects to graduates for which you can check Centennial College Reviews, before you plan to opt for enrolling into it.

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