Bank on Your Customer Service Skills to Enter in the Financial Services Industry

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    Oct 01, 2013
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Bank on Your Customer Service Skills to Enter in the Financial Services Industry Photo by Jason White

With thousands of entry-level positions opening in Canada’s financial services industry, begin your journey with financial training courses in Toronto offered at a community college. These introductory courses can offer an overview of the industry practices and equip learners with sufficient knowledge to work their way up in financial institutions.

Although technology has automated much of the low-skilled positions, the need for customer service personnel remains in demand as customers asks for better client servicing. A career as a customer service representative in the financial services requires a minimum of a high school diploma. Although training is provided, a customer service background would be an asset while a postsecondary education would be advantageous in securing the opportunity. According the Service Canada, high school graduates make up roughly 30% of the customer service population in financial services while about 50% completed a post-secondary college level.

A one-year program at Centennial College teaches marketable skills to students who wish to pursue a career in the financial services. The Financial Services Fundamentals (2473) program consists of accounting and finance courses throughout the year, as well as courses in marketing and professional selling to enhance customer service delivery. Admissions only require a high school diploma for eligibility, so those eager to kick of their career quickly can benefit in the two-semester program.

Students will explore the structures and services found in Canadian Financial Services. They will perform various mathematical calculations required in financial planning, analyze financial statements, and familiarize themselves with the monetary policy and fiscal policy. The Investment Funds Institute of Canada (IFIC), a regulatory body in investment funds, offers the Canadian Investment Funds Course through the Financial Services Fundamentals program as an online class to train students on specific job functions in dealing with mutual funds; this also involves an overview of pensions and retirement savings and a section on the Canadian income tax system. The program’s groundwork will serve as the basis to become a licenced professional in the Canadian Securities Course.

Overall, the Financial Services Fundamentals program can lead as a starting point to further training and education in the finance industry, but can also capture relevant job positions to those who want to start their career. This financial training at Centennial College produces qualified graduates for occupational titles as a Financial Customer Service Representative, Bank Teller, Inbound and Outbound Customer Service Representative, and Service Coordinators. Banks, credit unions, financial consultant firms, and investment fund companies are among the top employers for Centennial graduates.

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