What to Look for in a Party Dress

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    Sep 11, 2014
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What to Look for in a Party Dress Photo by Colin Armstrong

It is no secret that women love to dress up for a party. It is the only time where you can dress up as formally as you want and not be accused of trying too hard. With this in mind, buying party dresses online can take hours and days of hard research. We have so much on offer that it is like there is always something new to discover.

If you are struggling to find the right dress for you, read this guide!

Flatter Your Figure
Always look for a dress that flatters your figure. The last thing you want is to purchase a skater dress, for example, only to find it does not highlight the parts of you that you want to highlight.

Women have so many different body shapes. You have everything from apple and pear to petite and busty. They correspond to the areas that look best on you. For example, busty women have larger than average chests, so most people in this situation would want a dress that shows off their chests.

Look for a dress specifically designed for your body type. If you are unsure of your body type, look in the mirror and compare it to some of the diagrams you can find online.

What about the Occasion?
The occasion matters as much as your figure, if not more so. You would not pick up a night-time cocktail dress to wear at an event where everyone is wearing ladies/women's jackets at a casual shindig to celebrate a minor event.

There are rules for every occasion. For example, at a wedding the guests are supposed to look good, but nowhere near as good as the bride. In this case, you would tone everything down. Think about where you want to wear your dress and the fashion rules of said event.

The Fabric
The fabric you choose can make you either incredibly comfortable or incredibly uncomfortable. If you were partying in cooler temperatures, you would want to look at knitwear or jersey fabric. On the other hand, knit dresses in the summer could easily lead to sweating and discomfort.

You also want to think about the cling factor. Bigger women want to avoid fabrics that cling to every facet of their bodies. They want something that moves with the body. Slimmer women want the exact opposite because they want to show off their figures.

The Colour
Finally, you have the colour. The colour of your dress is something that you need to think about. Neutral colours will work at any event, but they will not help you stand out. What bold colours are going to work for both the occasion and the season?

The winter months are more for bold reds and blues. You want to stand out and draw attention to yourself. Only do this at an event where you are not trying to avoid upstaging the host though. The bottom line is that it is not just about you. It is about who is going to the event and what the event is all about. Consider these things when looking for your brand new party dress.

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