Baby Gone Back (in Time) the Renaissance of Regal Names

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    Jan 24, 2013
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Choosing a name for a new-born baby is extremely difficult, with the perusal of a baby names book often adding to the confusion. Each year brings with itfresh trends, with certain names proving to be more popular than others. 2012 was no exception to this rule with the royal family, amongst others, influencing the moniker of future generations.

Princes and Princesses

Some of the most popular names of 2012 included William, Harry, Violet and Isobel. This shows that not only are the royal family exerting their influence over current and future baby naming trends, but that television and media also have a part to play. Isobel and Violet Crawley, characters in the popular television series Downton Abbey, have proved to be an inspiration when it comes to new-born baby names.Parents turned to the royal family for further inspiration in the Jubilee year, for names that are perceived to be both traditional and elegant. Indeed, Harry has climbed to the number one spot in the league of boys’ names. William and George presided comfortably in the top ten, proving that traditional and modern ideas were equally as popular. The monarchy looks set to continue influencing new-born baby names and as 2013 gets into swing, it is expected that traditional names will continue to undergo something of a renaissance. The imminent arrival of a royal baby for Prince William and Catherine Middleton will undoubtedly spark the latest trend, with all eyes on the name the royal couple choose for their child. The mixture of the old and the innovative will be an interesting, eclectic one and gives parents a difficult choice when it comes to settling on a name.

Tweeting About My Generation

Monarchical choices are not always the path followed by new parents and recently, technology has become a driving factor behind some of the most original baby names. In November 2012, the influence of Twitter was seen when the first baby Hashtag, a girl, was born. This will certainly make personalised baby giftsa lot more interesting, as retailers keep up with new trends and alter new-born baby gifts accordingly. There are a multitude of unusual, personalised names out there, with some children named after a favourite pet or even a brand of alcohol in the more unusual cases. Names hold deep meanings in many instances; not everyone follows the Beckham’s in their creation of the name Harper Seven Beckham, preferring instead to stick to family favourites. Names that are passed down from generation to generation still hold a large amount of influence over new parents. So, the next time you are purchasing personalised baby gifts for the youngest addition to the family, it could be an inventive, trendsetting n
ame or a more traditional, family favourite.

Shopping for personalised baby giftsis even more fun when you have an interesting name to play with. Being aware of current trends can help you in the chaos of new-born baby gift shopping.

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