The Many Options for Mens Swimsuits and Bathing Suits

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    Dec 13, 2012
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While most men seem to pick the same basic mens bathing suits, there are actually many, many options when it comes to types of mens swimsuits. There is also a Speedo, which is a spandex or Lycra brief that fits much like a second skin, board shorts, which are worn by surfers, the racing brief which is worn by serious swimmers, and the wetsuit, which is more of a torso suit and shorts combination than just shorts. The type of suit will actually fit each activity, so if you enjoy surfing you have style options for men's bathing suits, while if you prefer diving you may prefer a racing brief.

Most men can simply walk into a retail store and easily buy mens bathing suits right off the rack, but this can lead to issues like ill-fitting trunks or even problems with the suit chafing the skin. When it comes to mens swimsuits, the cut of the suit and the fabric can really make a difference in a man's comfort. For example, serious swimmers may need to avoid board shorts because this type of men's swimwear will not adhere to the body and may actually cause discomfort due to the movement of the body during this activity.

On the other hand, few men will feel comfortable enough to walk around in a Speedo, which is a very tight and revealing type of mens swimsuits, and so may need to find a happy medium between very loose fitting and very snug mens bathing suits. Typically, this will be the swim trunks. Not only do these suits feature a mesh netting inside that will offer support, but they tend to be loose enough for comfort yet tight enough for swimming activities. In addition, this type of swimwear is easily found online or at local retail stores.

When looking for the best type of mens bathing suits, it is a good idea to find one with a drawstring, as this will allow for comfort and adjustment while wearing the garment. Also, try to find fabric that will breathe and dry quickly as well. Since the mens swimsuits are usually only found in stores during the summer, it may be a good idea to keep a couple of them around for those unexpected wintertime swims. As an added benefit, most of the men's suits are relatively inexpensive, and so you can enjoy many different types of suits and in many different types of materials and styles.

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