Getting the Best Fit for Ladies Motorbike Jackets

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    Sep 01, 2014
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Getting the Best Fit for Ladies Motorbike Jackets Photo by Colin Armstrong

Motorcycle jackets are an essential accessory for any woman looking to rock a look that's heavy on the leather. Whether you actually ride a motorbike or not, this is a highly fashionable item that many women have made a foundation of their wardrobes in recent years. Of course, the fit is essential for making sure you get the right look.

In this article, we are going to look at how to get the best fit for ladies/women's jackets.

Consider Your Current Jacket
Do you already have a similar jacket that you are looking to replace? This is perfect because now you have something to compare a new jacket to.

Try on your current jacket and see how it fits. Our bodies change as we move through life. If your old jacket is a bit too tight or a bit too loose, you already know that you need to be looking at different sizes straight away. You can also look at what you did not like about the jacket so you do not have to deal with the same annoyances again.

Allow for Space Underneath
Many women will pick up a jacket and wear a thin t-shirt or blouse. This is a mistake when having one fitted because you are not taking into account the bulk of heavier clothing during the winter months. If you plan to wear your jacket throughout the year, you should have your jacket fitted with a heavy jumper. This will allow you to check how they fit when you are bulkier.

Your Body Type
Women's fashion means you have to think about how you are going to look to other people. This is why your jacket has to match your body type. If you have the wrong body type, you are going to come off looking foolish.

For example, some body types require that you always leave the coat open. If you have an apple body type, for example, zipping the coat up could increase how round you look, which is not a flattering look for most people.

Actually Try It On
It's amazing just how many people don't have their jackets fitted in person. If you are going to buy it online, you need to check the refund policy. Although you may know what size you are, you never know how well ladies overcoats and jackets will look and feel until you actually try it on. Do not skip this step for the purposes of saving time or you could well regret it.

Finally, never scrimp on the quality of a good motorcycle jacket. Opt for something in real leather instead of faux leather. Make sure it can stand up to the elements. They are designed to be durable. A good jacket fitted correctly will last for years before it has to be replaced.

And remember, if your body changes, you can have it tailored to match your specific measurements. Do not feel like you have to constrain yourself with the measurements offered at the local clothing store. Tailoring can cost quite a bit, but it is worth it in the pursuit of a well-fitted jacket.

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