Jacket Fashion Tips for Women with a Petite Figure

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    Aug 22, 2014
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Jacket Fashion Tips for Women with a Petite Figure Photo by Colin Armstrong

We all know men can pick up practically any coat and toss it over them. Women cannot do this. With so many different figures and curves in all sorts of places, you need the right coat. Those with petite figures will have to look for a completely different set of features whenever they shop for ladies/women's jackets.

Let us take a look at some of the ways you can make a coat look good on a petite figure.

Single-Breasted Not Double
Double-breasted jackets add an unnecessary amount of bulk to your figure. You do not need any extra bulk. Single-breasted coats will ensure your natural body composition stays on display. There is no need to hide it away with a double-breasted jacket.

V-Neckline and Other Lines
Look for the classic V-neckline. Women's fashion dictates the V-neckline will make a petite woman look taller.

Such manipulation of the figure can also be done by purchasing a fitted jacket. Fitted and semi-fitted jackets add lines to your body that often become lost in oversized jackets. You want to try to create sharp lines.

Longer Legs
Most women prefer to draw attention to long and shapely legs. Petite women often struggle with this, especially if they are not particularly tall. With your jacket, look for something shorter. Have the jacket end high up on the hip. This creates the illusion of longer legs by shortening the look of the torso.

What about Other Assets?
We have learned that adding lines to various aspects of your body can do much to enhance what you have. We understand that petite women still want to draw attention to different parts of the body. For example, if someone has a bigger busy they will want to opt for a jacket that is tighter around the chest and looser at the bottom.

Material and Colour
Generally, neutral solid colours work best. Adding patterns can be done, but you do not want to deal with stripes and other similar patterns. They will only take away from your petite figure. Bigger women are ideal for patterns because they can make them look thinner. You already have that, so there is no reason why you should go for anything other than block colours.

You can add and take away lines in accordance with what you want to highlight. This is why it is so important to try on a range of jackets.

This does not mean you cannot wear patterns underneath. Open ladies overcoats with a patterned blouse underneath still work unbelievably well.

In terms of material, you want to be looking at sleek and silky cuts. These minimise the number of lines running down your body. Other polyester blends will only add unneeded bulk to your figure. You want the jacket to mould itself to your body with as few creases as possible. This is why you always see celebrities wearing leather look clothing.

On a final note, always take into account the latest styles. No matter how you wear a jacket as a petite woman, it is not going to do you much good if you are wearing something from last season.

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