HTC 8S Deals - Hold the Amazing Windows 8 Phone by HTC

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    Jun 19, 2013
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HTC 8S Deals - Hold the Amazing Windows 8 Phone by HTC Photo by Adam Nickson

HTC 8S is a new Windows Phone device by the Taiwan based company. It is now available in the United Kingdom from many carriers and in almost all connection options. This is a very good value for money device particularly if you have used earlier Windows Mobile based phones from the company. The phone has very good feature set and it is built very well, both of which are key strengths of its maker HTC.

The phone is available with a wide variety of choices.  On the internet, you will find a number of HTC 8S deals that will give you various free gifts and very affordable connection plans. It can be purchased in the pay as you go mode as well as Sim Free mode from various companies but the best thing is that whatever you choose, there are few other devices which will give such good returns on a quid on quid basis.

What can you expect fee with a phone? A pouch, a screen protector! Pish Posh! No offers can beat something like HTC 8S with free laptop. Yes! You can get a complete, proper, new laptop free with this phone. At a rental of GBP 38 per month, you will Acer 3110M laptop free of cost along with 500 minutes, unlimited data and 500 text messages. The contract will last for 2 years and the number of things you are getting in it is simply incomparable.

If you are looking for the cheapest option and are short of a few quids, your choice is to go for a HTC 8S contract. From Vodafone, you will get a connection of 24 month plan that will have a line rental of GBP17 per month. The plan gets you 300 minutes of monthly calling, unlimited text messages and 250 MB of data. The good thing is that this plan has a 10 month free line rental option. So in effect the cost you will have bear is GBP 9.92. This plan is from Vodafone and is easily the cheapest plan in the country as of now for this Windows phone.

For people who do not think they can live with any other carrier, you can get an HTC 8S contract on Three. With this standard 24 month contract, you get the £21 Ultimate Internet 300 plan. The high point of this plan is you get unlimited data usage. For voice calling you get 300 minutes on the network and 5000 text messages are also included in the pack.

The phone is available from many carriers and companies and you are free to choose from a really wide range of plans. Shop around to find what suits your budget best!

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