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    Sep 05, 2012
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I aquired my cat 6 years ago from a friend. His cat had a litter and he asked me if I wanted one. I told him if you have a black and white male cat with 4 white paws I would take him. Well sure enough he had one and that is how I became the owner of Beaver. I named him Beaver after Theodore Cleaver from the 50"s sitcom- Leave it to Beaver.

I took one look at him at 4 weeks old and even at that young age he had that mischevious look. He has definetly lived up to that look. When I bring shopping bags home...groceries...household goods or anything he runs and jumps up on the counter and buries his face in the bags trying to figure out what is in them. He"s like a little boy when mom comes home from the store trying to see if there is anything for him. He"s so funny! If there is cat food or treats for him he rubs up against them as if to say thanks mom. He has been a real treat for me.

My neighbor who didn't like cats before warmed up to him and just loves him too. When I am outside talking to my neighbors Beaver is up at the window pawing at the screen as if to say...o.k. mom its time to come in now. He is strictly an inside cat but lately he"s been going to the front door and stands there meowing until I open it and he loves looking out the screen door. I think I am going to buy a collar and leash and see if he will go on walks with me. That will be interesting. I'm not quite sure how he will react about being on a leash but I think its worth a try. Knowing him he will probably like it.

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