Ridding Of Fleas: The First Steps

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    Jun 03, 2013
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Keep your best friend free from fleas
Keep your best friend free from fleas
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I’m going to reveal to you some of the greatest methods that are used in Flea and Tick prevention to keep your dogs going strong. Now, before we get started, I’ll fill you in a little more: Unfortunately, Fleas and Ticks are the most common of pests with our dogs. Even dogs that don’t have fleas if exposed to another animal with them can get them. Or entering an area that has a lot of ticks. Ticks can be more deadly, as they can carry Lyme disease which can result in a possible fatality for your dog and us as humans, too.

Luckily though, there are dips that can take care of both of these problems for us. This is just one of the several solutions: Dips. There are 3 different actual kinds of dips: Herbal, pyrethrin, and home made. Since this book is about using more of your own home made remedies, we’re going to focus on Home made dips. It’s actually quite simple as the first time I tried it out, it seemed rather strange, but just trust me. You’re going to want water and lemons, and coffee grounds. This creates a pretty powerful anti-flea with just ingredients you’re normally to have around the house. Keep in mind too that you don’t have to have your dog actually bathe in this. You can apply it to their skin via sponge, or can pour this liquid onto them. As long as it gets applied to its coat.

Geranium, Citronella and Peppermint, Lavender and Lemongrass are all other great natural little remedies at keeping away Ticks and fleas. These actually do far more of a better job than most of the creams I’ve ever personally tried on my dogs. I use Lavender and Lemongrass on my dogs coat, and just from that alone I noticed the amount of fleas was significantly dropping and dropping. I was shocked!

Garlic is another one, and that actually my wife suggested. Once again, add in Garlic to your dogs daily diet and bam! Sends fleas and Ticks home packing. Fleas and Ticks can’t stand the odor of garlic that is released through dogs skin, and causes them to flee.


To keep fleas from breeding more and more in your house and causing a mess, It is highly suggested you frequently vacuum your living space to prevent the flea larvae from living in you carpet. Flea larvae also can be found living where your pet sleeps. Once done, immediately empty the vacuum bag into the trash and replace. Do this twice a week to ensure a healthier living space of fleas.

Maintaining your yard (if you have one) is another important factor to flea build-up. Try to keep the lawn mowed as regularly as possible and to keep everything trimmed. Fleas love tall grass and overgrown weeds. This kind of environment is also perfect for ticks as well. Wash every bit of pet items you can: bedding and pillows or toys even. Wash them with very hot water to ensure the death of any fleas or ticks currently living on that item.

After your dog takes a long lengthy play in the yard, be sure to check him or her for ticks. If your dog goes venturing into deep woods of lots of tall grass, that’s bad news bears right there. Just make sure you check in between the dogs toes as well as all their folds of skin to make sure for fleas.

It’s also good to limit the time your dog spends outside as well as where he or she ventures off to. Check him or her at least twice a day for any fleas, ticks, or bites. If you see any biting or unusual itching, definitely be on that and keep a much closer eye on him and really monitor where he plays and how long outside.

Proper dieting and grooming for your dog can make a world difference.

Dogs more often than not can get an infection sometimes from flea and tick bites. Keeping them at their best health is vital.

You also want to keep close watch of the more busier areas of the house. Stairs, maybe under the bed, wherever your dog spends a lot of their time laying or going to. Flea problems can start from these areas as well if your dog has it so when cleaning be sure to get these areas as well.

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