Seal Point Siamese: Grooming Tips

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    Sep 03, 2012
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Most cats are very careful about grooming themselves, but they still need our help from time to time. When grooming, cats get hair on their tongue and much of it can be ingested. This leads to fur ball problems. To avoid the build-up of problematic fur balls, brushing the cat gently with a comb or soft brush is advised. There are a variety of combs specifically designed for grooming cats, your local pet retailer is likely to have a few in stock.

Cats don't always like being groomed with a brush or comb. If your Siamese is a little fussy in this regard, the easiest way to groom them is by hand. Cats love to be stroked, and you can pick up a lot of cat hair this way. Since seal point Siamese cats are a short haired breed, they will shed a lot less than others which is something to be grateful for!

Cats need their nails trimmed every few weeks. The younger the cat is when you start this, the easier it will be. This should only be attempted when the cat is calm and not upset or excited. Be sure to avoid the pink tissue you can see when you expose the nails. If you cut this it will be painful and cause bleeding. If you have trouble doing this a professional groomer is an inexpensive alternative.

Another grooming possibility is to give your cat a bath. Unlike other grooming methods, e.g. getting nails trimmed or their fur being groomed, bathing your cat isn't a necessity. As far as bathing is concerned, some cats are so independent with their grooming that they simply don't need baths. If you do want to bathe your cat though, it should not be done often as it will dry out the coat. Bathing removes natural oils and if you bathe them too often they'll lose the silky smoothness of their coat! 

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