Six Steps When Considering a Used Subaru for Sale

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    Sep 05, 2014
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Six Steps When Considering a Used Subaru for Sale Photo by Willey  David

With the challenging economic climate, you may have postponed your decision to buy a new car and be considering a used Subaru for sale to save a little cash. However, before you begin your purchase, it is important that you consider your options fully and follow these six simple steps to ensure that you not only buy the right vehicle, but it is at the right price.

Step One: Research Your Options

Before you even begin to look at a used Subaru for sale, you will need to explore all of your options. Subaru is well known for great build quality and reliability but their model range is not limited to only performance vehicles. There is a wide selection of SUVs, sedans and wagons available, so you will need to check which is best suited to your needs.

Step Two: Check for any Flaws

When you are viewing a used Subaru for sale, you should take the time to carefully examine the vehicle. You should look for signs of body damage and any accident repairs. It is also important to check the engine for any issues. Many performance vehicles such as the Impreza have been used and abused by their enthusiastic owners, which can cause lasting and costly damage. If you are unsure about engine mechanics, you should have the vehicle checked by a professional mechanic before you agree to buy.

Step Three: Check if the model is still in production

Although you may be looking at an older model, it is important to check whether the model is still in production and popular with buyers. This can provide assurance that should a problem develop, you will have a source of reasonably priced accessories and replacement parts. Discontinued vehicles may still be supported with replacement parts, but finding new body components and unusual parts can be a difficult and costly process.

Step Four: Choose a reputable seller

While private sellers may appear to offer a more attractive price, you should be aware that there is a greater chance that the car may be flawed in some way. Private sellers are under no obligation to provide any form of warranty or reassurance regarding the vehicle and may not disclose any potential issues. A reputable dealer will often service the vehicle before sale and may provide a limited warranty even on used vehicles.

Step Five: Check vehicle reviews

Although you may be happy with the vehicle itself, you should take a little time to check the reviews. There are plenty of review sites and forums which can provide independent information on vehicles such as fuel economy and performance. This could affect your decision, if you find that your potential vehicle offers poorer fuel economy, which would increase your monthly expenses.

Step Six: Check all the paperwork

Before you agree the final purchase, be sure to check all the paperwork. All items of the vehicle servicing, buyer history and other paperwork should be in order and available to view.

If you are interested in buying a used Subaru for sale, contact us. We have a wide selection of new and used Subaru models and would be delighted to assist you in finding the vehicle best suited to your needs.

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