Introducing the 2014 Mercedes B-Class

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    Sep 11, 2014
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Introducing the 2014 Mercedes B-Class Photo by Lisa Garcia

The 2014 Mercedes-Benz B Class Electric Drive differs from the standard Mercedes models. First in its electric drive functionality and secondly in its zippy drive in a small modern package look. This car, instead of carrying a big old V-8, is a little roadster that hums along on batteries. It’s the first all-electric car from Mercedes-Benz, and is the result of the company’s decision to expand on its model lines.
This new model is the result of a partnership between Mercedes, Daimler and Tesla, and is set to hit the US dealership showrooms later this year. The purpose in Mercedes creating this vehicle is to offer city efficiency, higher safety levels and the world renowned luxury the company is known for.

The Exterior
The exterior looks are those similar to other small Mercedes vehicles. It offers large soft nose grill and bumper, the oversized star logo and modern high-tech headlamps which dress up the car leading into other aerodynamic features like streaming windshields doors, and side trims.

The side view of the B-Class is that of the small utility wagon with the high roofline and a large window line. This makes it a fully functional family or small commercial use car to attract many consumers. The nice detailing makes the vehicle stand out from the Toyota Prius plug-in and the Ford C-Max. These are accented by the larger than normal wheels and fender flares for a more modern and sleek style.

The Interior
As with all Mercedes-Benz models the interior of even this little car is decidedly modern, and made to appeal for both the new Mercedes owner and those that are devoted to the brand. It boasts the latest Mercedes leather trimmed steering wheel, and a beautifully aligned switchgear with quality functional buttoning at easy to locate touch points.

Seating is up-right and conveniently accessible to the dash pad and footwells. In fact, the tall wagon proportions make these compact and easily reachable. The broad windshield and elevated driving position helps the driver maintain clear Visibility.

In the backseat the car features belts for three backseat passengers. Headroom is more than adequate and there’s enough spacious accommodation for two adults. However, for families the backbench can easily seat three children. Cargo space is also ample with enough area to transport bulky boxes, cargo and luggage.

The dash offers a similar appearance to that of the CLA-Class models and includes, the wood dash veneer, five rounded air that are embedded into the middle part of the dash. 

The chrome style navigation unit offers efficient charging and consumption displays in chrome trimmed circular dial displays. It also features onboard 3G wireless connectivity which allows owners to manage everything remotely from a tablet, smartphone or laptop. This allows owners to scheduled charging intervals, check charge status and even pre-warm the car automatically on chilly days. It allows for voice control, smartphone audio integration, Bluetooth hands-free features and media integration.

The Drive-Train
The B-class is a very simple technically designed vehicle. The electric powertrain offers 174 horsepower and 250 pound feet of torque, which takes a little car from 0 to 60 in about eight seconds. The vehicle uses 40 V/40 Amp outlet for charging, and in about a two hour charge can offer up to 50% charge, which offers about 60 miles of driving time. With a full charge the car has a driving range of about 100 miles.

The Drive
For a small electric car the B-class has some real personality, a little different from the standard functionality of other models. It offers dynamic responsiveness required for most city driving. 

The 2014 B-class will be available with a price tag starting at about $41,500, and many customers may be eligible for additional tax credits that run as high as $7,500 for the eco-friendly vehicle.

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