Ford Ranger is a Real Hard Worker

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    Nov 03, 2012
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Ford Ranger is a Real Hard Worker

The Ford Ranger is an American styled pickup truck with boxy looks. It is not only an excellent off roader, but also it can accommodate a considerable amount of load in the back. A loop hole in HM Revenue and Customs made Ford Ranger a top choice for UK buyers few years ago. One could have a fully loaded, top of the range double cabin flat bed as a fleet car and pay just nominal amount of tax. This Loop hole was closed in 2007 and the benefit in kind liability was increased from £500 to a straight £3000. But still owner of a Ford Ranger will pay less tax than most of the others in the class such as Land Rover Freelander. Like any other pickup truck, the Ranger also has a bouncy ride but it is a powerful machine.

The range topping Wildtrack model is powered by a 3.2 litre five cylinder diesel engine with option of six speed annual or automatic gearbox. Right from the start the Ford Ranger has supported a classic style unlike the rivaling Mitsubishi L200 who has the curvy shape. Inside, the Ranger has strong built dashboard with easy to use controls. The steering wheel is adjustable and the top end models are equipped with electrically adjustable seats for the right driving position. The handbrake comes out of the dashboard which restricts the left leg movement. The double-cab models account for most of the sales and have many standard features like remote central locking, electric door windows and CD player. The “Limited” models have additional extras like parking sensors, Bluetooth and USB connectivity.

Driving a Ford Ranger is nothing like driving a tougher Land Rover Discovery. The ride is very bumpy thanks to the firmer suspension designed to bear heavy loads. The boxy aerodynamics cause plenty of wind noise, but still the Ranger drives sharper than rivaling Mitsubishi L200 and Nissan Navara. There are two turbocharged diesel engines top choose from a 2.2-litre four-cylinder and a 3.2-litre five-cylinder. The 148bhp 2.2 litre is the best choice due to its smoothness. The Ranger delivers great off road performance with changeable four wheel drive, locking diff and a low range mode for ascend or descending the steep heights. It has 800mm wading depth which is the best in class. The Ford Ranger comes with a number of safety features that include ISOFIX mounts for child seats, seven airbags, traction control and back parking sensors.

Limited versions also have Cruise control. The Ranger has been strongly built for rugged use and no major issue has been reported yet. A routine service after 20,000 miles will keep it going for longer and the parts are also comparatively cheaper. The Ford Ranger can accommodate lots of load in its rear bed which is no way less than any other in the class. All the models have the same height and width of the rear bed but the length is different, the single cabin versions get a longer rear bed than the double cabin versions. The Ranger is classed as a commercial vehicle therefore business buyers can claim the VAT back and enjoy less benefit in kind tax, keeping the running costs low than a conventional large executive vehicle. But for the private buyers it is not cheap to run as the best it can do is a 30mpg of fuel economy and it will cost them a hefty annual road tax due to its high CO2 emissions.

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