Use Facebook to Generate Maximum Online Auto Insurance Leads

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    Jan 06, 2014
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Use Facebook to Generate Maximum Online Auto Insurance Leads Photo by Aaron Ward

Numerous companies are using Facebook to promote their products or services to millions of people worldwide and gradually generate online auto insurance leads. If you are still not there in Facebook, immediately take out some time to create a profile page on today's most popular social media website. Facebook has given a golden opportunity to build up a strong bond with people; it acts as a platform where you can carry a friendly interaction with your potential customers.

How to Start on Facebook?

Well, you can start providing expert tips about auto insurance on your Facebook profile page. It is very important to create an atmosphere where your page visitors should feel excited scanning through your posts. Your page should not appear as just a sales tool, rather you must periodically keep on adding some personal notes or share your experiences related to auto insurance in order to eventually create a comfort zone. You should upload interesting and useful posts and share website links with the social media users to make them more curious about your page and for generating repeat visitors to your page.

Generate Auto Insurance Leads

Along with general posts covering car insurance, you must keep on adding relevant information about your company and the different types of car insurance policies that you offer to generate an interest amongst the readers to like, share or comment on your posts. In this way, you can eventually generate online auto insurance leads every day. The leads will either email you or call you to know more about the various policies and their pricing structure that you are selling. It is your responsibility to instantly respond to such mails or phone calls. In this fashion, you can successfully generate auto insurance leads  that have the highest chance of converting into sales.

Encourage Sharing and Commenting on Your Posts

Your lead conversion rate depends on the quality of your Facebook posts. You should upload highly interesting and unique information about auto insurance policies which will attract maximum potential insurance buyers to your page. Your posts must compel them to “Like”, “Comment,” and “Share” the same with their own extended network of peers and business associates. Higher exposure on Facebook means a higher chance of getting maximum new or used car leads.

Be Genuine

Try to have on board a car insurance specialist who will provide useful news and information covering the different aspects of auto insurance. The posts should be such that they successfully attract and retain maximum visitors over time. Car owners who are urgently looking for a good insurance dealer must feel the urge to do business with you. You can also occasionally provide essential links of relevant web page links including your site page links for a more direct call to action. It is good to discuss about the lowest insurance quotes and without making the visitors feel you are preaching about your company.

You should not start a sales pitch on Facebook; rather you should try to make more friends so that maximum people turn into online auto insurance leads thereby taking your sales figure to new heights.

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Aaron Ward has spent over 15 years in the Online Auto Insurance leads generation business. He has got an extensive knowledge about how the different auto insurance lead generating companies operate in USA. In this article, he has tried to share with the readers’ information regarding how to effectively generate maximum Used Car Leads.

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