Ford Ranger is Muscular

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    Jan 04, 2013
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Ford Ranger is Muscular

If we look at the history of Ford Ranger, we will be amused to know that it's not just the tale of one truck, but two. In 1982, came the first Ranger for the United States' market, a smaller sibling to the F-series and Super Heavy Duty like leviathan. In 1995, they started exporting it to the South America. The other Ranger known as the Courier was seemingly a version of Japanese built Mazda B-series, rebadged for the markets outside the States. The British buyers came to know this Japanese version Ranger. The American and international versions of Ranger merged under Ford's 'One Ford' global manufacturing plan. Ranger became a car that was designed and developed generally in Australia, assembled in Thailand, South Africa and Argentina, and sold in 180 markets globally except America. This vehicle is made of a unitary steel body on a ladder frame, hovering by the leaf springs, and at the rear there is a live axle.

As a pick-up truck, it is expected to carry heavy loads on flat roads, travel on extreme terrains and return a wheel perfect off-road experience. The Ranger is available in Regular, Double and Super Cab versions. It has a wider and longer frame that has been reinforced, hydraulic fluid filled rubber bushes are used to mount the body for minimum roll. For best riding experience, front suspension now is 'coil-overs and wish-bones' instead of torsion springs. Doors, roof and underbody have sound insulation. For better wind insulation, double door seals have been used. In Euro NCAP crash test rating, Ranger has become the first pick-up truck to score five-stars. Ford Ranger diesel engines are offered in two choices: a 2.2-litre 4-cylinder turbo-diesel engine and a 3.2-litre 5-cylinder turbo-diesel engine, securing a 28mpg. Unless you do not switch on to four-wheel drive, it drives through the rear wheels. The four-wheel drive can be switched on up to 70 mph.

As per Ford's claim, their traction control system is pretty good to do the work of the old-fashioned lockable differential. Grip levels on asphalt are modest, making this giant as composed and secure as any other family car can be. The enormity of Ford Ranger is absolutely above any suspicion once you step inside the cabin. The far-end corners from rear and front of the Ranger seem ridiculously long way, although you sit higher than you do in most of SUVs. The material mix is quite rich, solid fittings and fixtures sized in a sensible way, making it easy to operate while wearing gloves. The glove-box can accommodate a 16-inch laptop, there is a large storage box under the cushions of the rear seat. Once the problems in the supply chain that affected the early cars are solved, Ford is planning to sell over 5000 of Rangers every year in the UK. On these shores, that will make the Ranger popular, even more than the Focus ST.

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