Volkswagen Golf A Desirable Estate

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    Nov 08, 2012
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The Volkswagen Golf - A Desirable Estate

While Renault and Hyundai have dropped the estate badge and taken up more modern names likes Tourer and Sport Tourer, Volkswagen is very secure with its dependable Golf. Although it is old then its rivals the Golf Estate still looks good. The front end looks classy, SE models have black roof rails as well. Unfortunately, unattractive tail-lights make the car look bad from the back. Once you step inside VW wins your heart. The biggest selling point for this car has been its cabin quality and that hasn’t changed.

The Golf gives a premium feel. The design is simpler than the Renault’s and the driving position is perfectly poised. Cruise control and the back dash inserts come as standard in this classy cabin. This car is not just about quality, it is spacious enough to be a useful estate car. Rear passenger room matches the newer Hyundai. Boot space is less than that of Hyundai which stands at 505 litres; 23 litres smaller than the Hyundai. The load length is 1,170mm which is enough to carry a full-size bicycle with ease. Add to this it has a host of useful bag hooks and under floor storage space. The load through ski hatch comes as standard in the Golf estate.

There is not enough foot space for those sitting in the middle as the transmissions tunnel is slightly larger. The Golf estate will find it hard to beat Hyundai and Renault when it comes to ultimate volume. With the rear seats fold flat, it has 1,495 litre capacity lags behind the i30’s by 147 litres and Renault’s by 105 litres. The powertrain in the Golf estate comes from VW’s 1.6 TDI diesel with BlueMotion technology which helps it to emit 109g/km. It is not as agile and the i30 and its pace is slow due to the five speed transmission.

It manages to give an average of 45.4 mpg and it is comfortable and quiet at speed. It handles the sharp corners very well. It might not be as firm and better controlled than some of the rivals but it is very easy to drive car thanks to the responsive steering and strong road grip. It is an expensive to buy car, especially when cheaper and better equipped alternatives are available, but it has strong residual and comes with service deals that make up for the high buying costs. It is priced at £21,410 and has 0-60mph time of 12.1 seconds. This traditional estate is still the real deal.

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