BMW 320d Raises The Bar Again

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    Nov 02, 2012
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BMW 320d Raises The Bar Again

It has been established through rigorous testing that the sixth generation of the BMW 3 Series is a fantastic car. It’s spacious and it's build quality is better than its predecessor. What needs to be seen is, has this increase in space and size left the Effificient Dynamics version without its green edge? On paper there is not much of a difference as the cheapest model in the new range has the same power and torque as its predecessor. The all important figure of CO2 emissions is unchanged at 109g/km. This makes BMW the cleanest car in the compact exec class.

The BMW 320d ED has sharp and athletic looks. It has been fitted with special eco tyres which promise 15 per cent lower rolling resistance hence boosting fuel efficiency. It doesn’t affect the performance and the tall sidewalls help in giving a comfortable ride. The underneath of the 320d ED has been designed to minimize drag, while the front bumper and covers at the back create a diffuser like effect. The wheelbase has been stretched by 50mm from the 5th generation which has paid dividends inside. The back seat passenger space has greatly improved. The boot capacity has increased too; the car can now carry 480 litres of luggage.

The 320d has a higher loading lip than its rivals but BMW offers a £650 inner storage deal to increase flexibility that includes 40:20:40 rear seats, storage space behind the front seats and nets in the boot. The split folding seats are also available separately for £390. The front boasts a driver oriented dash with plenty of switches and steering wheel has many controls giving a luxurious feel. The build quality is superb and the materials used are up market. The 320d is equipped with BMW’s iDrive cabin controller which is much better than the Audi A4’s boring centre console info screen.

The BMW boosts a higher loading lip than the Audi. The new BMW 320d ED also boost the Driver Performance Control System. It has three settings naming ECO PRO, Comfort and Sport. All three modes give different characteristics to the steering, electronic safety system and throttle.. Once you select ECO PRO mode it adds an artificial resistance to the 320d ED’s throttle and the climate control and heated seats along with other gadgets are switched to their most efficient setting. It also helps to plan your fuel economy in accordance with the trip computer over a set period of time. You can also set a speed reminder with fuel saving tips.

If you are not looking to maximize fuel efficiency you shouldn’t worry as the car is more spacious than before. It is also lighter a good 50kg lighter at 1,490kg. The BMW beats the Audi as it has 27bhp more power and 60Nm more torque. The 2.0 litre 4 cylinders give 161bhp and 380Nm. It is fast as it posts a 0-60mph of 8.8 seconds. Its stop-start system doesn’t feel as good as Audi’s and the engine is brusque at low revs. But once you are at high speed the 3 Series becomes a comfortable cruiser. You can set your foot on the accelerator keeping in mind that the precise brakes and direct electromechanical steering will support the finely balanced chassis. BMW’s are famous for their and this remains its strongest selling point. BMW is sure to retain its title as the best compact executive saloon with the new 320d.

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